GoBeyond - The Great Balkan Rally - Authentic car motorcycle
GoBeyond - The Great Balkan Rally - Authentic car motorcycle

Balkan Rally Race Regulations

The Balkan Rally aims to be an unforgettable journey through the most beautiful landscapes of our region, with special vehicles and in good company. To make the experience even more exciting, we have created the following race regulations:

1. The competition will be based on the daily segment time of the competitors and the completion of the secret checkpoints hidden on the route. The winner of the Balkan Rally will be the team who completes the race as accurately as possible in relation to the perfect time set by us as well as the daily photo challenges without any mistakes. Each morning, the start will be according to a set grid order, with two minute starts, from the oldest vehicle to the youngest. The motorbikes will start after the cars following the same principle.

2. At the opening ceremony, all riders will receive a start pack, which contains the official race album – where we will record the daily start and arrival times and where you will be asked to attach the photos you have taken during the trip. The necessary Instax cameras will be provided by the race organizers.

3. Each competitor will receive 1000 points to start, from which they may be penalized over the four-day rally. The winner of the Balkan Rally is the team who finishes with the most points in Herceg Novi.

4. The competitors have to complete 4 predefined routes on 4 consecutive days with a perfect time. Each evening, the riders will receive the exact route for the following day, the recommended average speed and the recommended rest time. They can then use this information to determine the perfect time to finish and choose the right speed. Any deviation from the perfect time will result in a deduction of 1 point per minute. If the deviation exceeds 1 hour (60 minutes), the competitor will lose 100 points.

5. Through the courtesy of ECOFLEET, a GPS tracking device will be installed in every vehicle, allowing the race organizers to see where the cars and bikes are, their movements and their speed. To avoid tactical stalling before the finish line, only 1 stop is allowed in the last 50 kilometers of the day’s legs, for a maximum of 5 minutes. Breaking this rule will result in a 50 point deduction.

6. Inside the envelope containing the itinerary is another sealed envelope with supporting information if needed. It costs 50 points to open the envelope. The unopened envelope must be handed in at the finish line of each leg.

7. Over the four days, one photo must be taken at each of the 10 designated locations and the photos must be attached to the album given to you at the opening event. A 50-point deduction will be made for photos taken at an incorrect location. If the composition only partially contains the designated elements, the jury may also deduct a maximum of 50 points.

During the competition, the laws of the countries concerned and the rules of the Highway Code must be fully respected.


Awarded categories

Winner of the Balkan Rally: the car and motorbike completing the race with the most points (the two categories will be awarded separately).

Fair Play Award: at the end of the fourth day, the riders themselves will vote for the competitor they have come to rely on the most during the Rally.

Perfect Gear: at the end of the fourth day, the drivers themselves will vote for the competitor whose appearance was the most stylish and best suited to their vehicle and the various programmes.