Japan Freeride Camp

16-25 JAN 2025 30 JAN - 8 FEB 2025


Every freeride fanatic’s wildest dream is to ride in Japan and sink neck-deep into the powder. On our trip to Hokkaido you’ll get to experience what it’s like to ski on a volcano covered in 10 meters of snow, as well as Japan’s unique culture and cuisine.


10 days / 9 nights*


Sapporo International Airport (CTS) / Hokkaido, Japan


Annupuri village, Niseko / Hokkaido Japan


8 nights in Ride House next to Annupuri gondola, 1 night in capsule hotel in Sapporo


Daily freeride guiding (in Niseko Village, Niseko Annupuri, Hirafu and Hanazono resorts), lift passes, shuttle bus pass for travel between resorts, theoretical and practical avalanche safety briefings. Our guides are seasoned freeriders with substantial local knowledge but are not officially certified mountain guides.


€ 2 990

*The duration of the trip lasts from meeting at Sapporo International Airport (CTS) / Hokkaido, Japan until the flight home from the same airport.


Japanese culture meets winter sports

500 kilometres from Tokyo is Hokkaido – the northernmost island of Japan. In the colder months, Hokkaido becomes a winter wonderland where mystical stories from ancient Japan abound. There are volcano-shaped mountains, the unique smell of sulphur, the non-stop snowfall, classic Japanese streetscapes, and hot springs that boil under falling snow. These elements come together to create the kind of tranquillity that is totally unlike what you can find in Europe.

Snow falls practically every day here. As a result, roads twist and turn between 4–5 meter snow walls and since the temperatures almost never creep above 0 °C, the snow doesn’t become wet and heavy, and you’ll always find fresh, powdery snow. In fact, nearby Sapporo is actually one of the cities with the most snowfall in the world – it boasts even more than Helsinki or Oslo! In its snowiest years, Niseko can receive up to 17 meters of the white stuff.

If this is your first time skiing in Japan, you might have quite a few pleasant surprises. There’ll be plenty of ‘aha’ moments when you compare Japanese and western ski resorts, for example when youu see the care and precision taken in looking after the snow conditions which reflects the overall approach that Japan is known for worldwide.

Artistic elegance and care

This attention to detail is applied to everything, from the service you get in restaurants to the cleanliness and quality of the food. For example, at the bottom of each ski lift is a vending machine, but not those dirty ones that barely ever work, rather true feats of engineering! The soup offered in these vending machines is piping hot and surprisingly good and after a few hours on the slopes, a bowl of delicious, hot soup or a natural green tea is just what you need! And of course, in the ski lodges you won’t get Austrian dumplings, but ramen noodles and seafood. Don’t be afraid to dive in and enjoy with gusto – don’t forget that it’s polite to slurp your noodles!

The culture you’ll find here is more closely related to the nature-loving style of old-world Japan rather than the modern version that you’d find in Tokyo. Instead of sweating it out in saunas, we’ll take a hot soak in onsens – Japanese-style hot springs and baths. There’s no better feeling after a hard day skiing than relaxing your muscles in 45 degree thermal water.

If you’re obsessed with skiing or snowboarding on powder snow, then this is your place! You can spend every day crisscrossing fresh snow, and unlike in Europe, skiing off-piste in Japan is safer as there aren’t glacier breaks and avalanches are rarer, too.


16-25 JAN 2025 30 JAN - 8 FEB 2025

The duration of the trip lasts from meeting at Sapporo International Airport (CTS) / Hokkaido, Japan until the flight home from the same airport. The flight there and back might take an extra day, depending on where you are travelling from.

€ 2 990

Included in the price

  • 8 nights in traditional ride house in Annupuri, rooms with 2-4 beds, breakfast included
  • 1 night in capsule hotel in Sapporo city centre
  • 5 dinners at our ride house (other nights we will try the best local restaurants)
  • 7 day Niseko United All Mountain ski pass valid for the entire Niseko region
  • Transfers from Sapporo airport to Annupuri and from Annupuri to Sapporo city centre
  • 2 GoBeyond tour guides

Optional extras

  • For an additional fee of €50, the GoBeyond team can handle your flight tickets and insurance
  • Upon request, we can help organise catskiing, tours or freeriding to Yotei volcano, or visiting other resorts in a cost-efficient way
  • Taxi rides/car rentals to restaurants and between resorts in case of ski touring

Further expenses

  • Plane tickets to and from the meeting point at Sapporo Intl. Airport (CTS) / Hokkaido, Japan
  • Insurance which covers freeriding and is valid in Japan
  • Personal expenses
  • Lunches, drinks, and 4 dinners
  • Onsen entry tickets


Our base will be a traditional lodge in Hokkaido, 2 minutes from the Annupuri gondola, with aprés-skis held on-site in a unique cabin pub with glass walls, equipped with professional bartenders and the best Japanese whisky selection. A homely community space, club room, house slippers and comfortable 2-4 person bedrooms await you, with added luxuries of heated toilet seats and hot-water showers available throughout the building. We will spend our last night in a capsule hotel in Sapporo city centre.

Snow package

Nothing but powder! For us, the most important thing is to be able to ride on the best snow in as many varied areas as we can and this will be made possible by the ski pass valid for all the resorts in the Niseko region, which will also allow us to travel between all the different pistes. In Annupuri, the well-lit slopes right next to our accommodation are open 9 am till 9 pm, and are covered by fresh snow almost every night. Our GoBeyond tour guides have years of experience and local knowledge and will be sharing their favourite places that will be optimal for the given day. Though they are not certified mountain guides, they will be happy to help you find one locally and cost efficiently, should the need arise.


Everything you would take to go freeriding: skis or a snowboard, avalanche beacon, breathalyser, lamp, good pair of ski glasses with clear or yellow lenses, spare gloves and the usual stuff. Ski touring/splitboard equipment is not necessary but can add to the experience. The amount of touring we do varies according to weather, snow conditions and wishes of the group.


The air in the valley is cold and dry, varying between -2 °C and -11 °C, while at the peak temperatures can even go lower than -15 °C and -26 °C. Since Hokkaido is an island, the weather is very changeable and often harsh, so expect strong winds or fog or even sparkling sunshine!

Snow conditions

The dryest, freshest snow anywhere in the world, with a moisture content of 8%, making it impossible to craft a snowball. Around 14 metres of snow falls annually in Niseko, which we’ll be benefitting from as we slide down the side of a volcano and ride twisting trails through birch forests.


Personal expenses

Depending on your spending habits, we recommend bringing €500–€800 pocket money. For reference, a meal costs €8–€25 and the onsen bath entry costs around €8.


Other than the sheer amount and quality of snow, what sets Japan apart from other ski resorts is the food. Forget the usual meat and potatoes, instead prepare to be wowed by ramen in a rich broth, delicious dumplings and fresh sushi. We’ll have five dinners at our accommodation and explore the best restaurants nearby on the other nights.


Maximum 18 group members, of a mix of nationalities. We’ll be dividing into group of 6–8 for the freerides, according to skiing experience.

Photo & Video

All the photos and videos you see are from our previous camps. We produce high-quality content of all our camps, which you will receive after returning home to remember all the amazing memories.

Local transportation

We’ll have a private transfer from the airport to Annupuri, and to Sapporo for our departure. In Niseko we will utilise shuttles, buses and mountain taxis to travel between the slopes.

Activities & sights

Loving the Japanese snow won’t keep us from experiencing the compelling Japanese mentality and lifestyle to the fullest. Traditional hot spring baths (onsens), famous local sushi, yakitori and ramen restaurants are all on the menu. On the last day we’ll also have the chance to enjoy Sapporo’s world-famous gastronomy and nightlife.

Travel insurance

You should choose an insurance which covers going off-piste, and is valid in Japan. You can contact us and we are happy to recommend the most suitable one.


DAY 1 - Arrival

The group will meet in the arrivals hall of New Chitose Airport, from where we have a three hour journey to Annupuri via private transfer. Our accommodation will be waiting with a welcome dinner and after we will take time to acclimatise and rest from the long journey.


We will be planning our days on the mountains according to the weather, always guided by our goal: to ski as much as possible, on the best snow possible. The Niseko United ski pass will allow us to access every slope in the region, enjoy unlimited use of the ski shuttles to travel between slopes, as well as venture out for some night skiing on the well-lit pistes as often as we wish!

Our tour guides know the region exceptionally well, knowing exactly which open terrain to head for in clear weather, where and when to go ski touring, and all the opportunities available in case of a snowstorm.

We already know the best onsens in the area, from traditional and secluded hot water baths visited almost exclusively by locals, to luxurious spots equipped with underwater massage machines, saunas and restaurants.

We’ll have breakfast every day at our accommodation. During the day, depending on taste and level of fatigue, we have a small or large lunch on the mountain and enjoy five dinners at our lodge in the evenings. The other evenings we will visit the best local traditional restaurants and eat as much fresh sushi, donburi, ramen and yakitori as we want!


We’ll be taking a private transfer to Sapporo city centre in the early afternoon but in the morning, depending on the conditions, we may have an opportunity for a last ride at nearby Mt. Moiwa or Chisenupuri. There we can try cat-skiing, where we go to the top with a pistenraupe at a closed ski resort. After sightseeing in Sapporo, we’ll have some time for souvenir shopping and a farewell dinner before getting some much needed rest ahead of the long day of travel awaiting us.


We will take local bullet trains separately to the airport, according to individual flight departure times. Though we may be exhausted by the long week of skiing, we'll be full of unforgettable experiences as we fly home, or to Tokyo to explore one of the world’s largest metropolises.

The program is subject to change at any times. The final itinerary depends on current weather and snow conditions, the group’s skiing/snowboarding skills and stamina.



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    Japan Freeride Camp


    Not at all. Half of the group usually comes alone, so you can be sure you'll make new friends!

    If you ride with confidence on stronger red slopes and like going off-piste then this is your camp! There will be more guides, and groups will be divided according to different skill levels, so you don't need to be worried about waiting for others or others waiting for you. In Japan, the mountains are generally not as steep as in Europe and freeriding is much safer.

    We will stay in the northern part of Japan in the winter time. Be prepared for everything between -25 °C and +5 °C, and especially heavy snowfall with strong wind. Lots of layers are always better than one super warm down jacket.

    Since local guides are unbelievably expensive to hire, and our goal is to organise this trip with the best price-value ratio, the GoBeyond tour guides Thommy, Levi, Charlie and Janó will be participating as members of the team, all of them backed up by extensive local knowledge and freeride skills.

    Skis or a snowboard, avalanche beacon, breathalyser, lamp, a good pair of glasses with clear or yellow lens, spare gloves and all the other usuals you would bring on a ski trip. Ski touring/splitboarding equipment is not mandatory but will add to this experience. The amount of touring we do will vary depending on weather and snow conditions, as well as the wishes of the group.

    With a budget of €600–800 you can have a very good time, including delicious Kobe steaks, daily visits to onsens and specialty Japanese whisky to name a few. If you’d like to hike up to Yotei volcano or pay for a snowcat day, plan a budget accordingly and we will organise those activities cost-effectively on the scene, depending on the group’s wishes.

    You need insurance that covers off-piste skiing and is valid in Japan. EU health insurance cards and other European insurances are not sufficient in most cases. We recommend the Austrian Alpenverein annual membership, which costs about €80/year and covers worldwide mountain rescue, medical costs and other insurances.

    We’ll be staying in the northern part of Japan, close to Sapporo, on an island called Hokkaido.

    There’s few things better than a steaming bowl of ramen between two rides! Expect fresh, delicious and healthy foods, but fruits and seafood are expensive and you won’t find European style bread.

    Our base will be a classic mountain log lodge with cosy community spaces, comfortable rooms with 2-4 beds, sparkling clean showers with boiling hot water, located 2 minutes from the Annupuri gondola. Adjacent to the lodge, you’ll find a modern cabin, with glass walls, utilised as a bar and full of specialty Japanese whiskies and this will be our unique and homely aprés-ski spot. Our last night will be spent in a capsule hotel in Sapporo city centre.

    The local currency is the Japanese yen; JPY. At the airport you’ll find plenty of exchange kiosks and ATMs and we recommend exchanging money there or at home, since this would be tricky on the mountains. You can pay by card basically everywhere, but you may encounter high transaction costs so we do advise bringing plenty of cash.

    Travelers from many countries across the globe can visit Japan for up to 90 days without requiring a visa, but if you require one, we are happy to help! Check this link to see which countries require a visa:


    It is safe to say that GoBeyond was created because the founder is a fanatic freerider, and he had not found any organized ski trips that lived up to his expectations - to score untracked powder on a great terrain, regardless of how far we have to travel to find it.

    Although we like infrastructure, we are not afraid to climb for a good ride off-piste.

    When we go on a ski trip, we like to indulge in the culinary and wellness options of the given country.

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