The Great Balkan Rally

8-14 Sep 2024
The most authentic car and motorcycle rally from Budapest to the Bay of Kotor

As you drive, the story evolves and becomes more and more exciting…
The Balkan Rally 2023 comes with a surprise, we have added an additional leg to the roadmap.


The Rally

A challenging 6-day adventure-filled open-road, motorsport endurance race, discovering the scenic routes of the Balkan with a classic automobile or motorbike through 4 countries’ stunning landscapes, from Budapest downtown all the way to the Adriatic coast. Race against the clock whilst solving challenges along the way,

travelling back in time in your classic vehicle and re-living the golden days of the Balkan. Connect with fellow minded enthusiasts over delicious, locally inspired meals and fun-filled evening events, ending with a magnificent gala night in the luxurious Lazure Hotel & Marina in Herceg Novi overlooking the Adriatic sea.

Balkan Rally | Fuel 
Balkan Rally | YAMAHA
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The route


The machine

GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally

Any vehicle that was designed before 1990 or is a custom-built one can apply to participate in the rally. Furthermore the application for the Balkan Rally will be approved by our expert judges.

If your vehicle was designed after 1990 but you believe that it is special in any way and would be a good fit for the Balkan Rally, please send us some photos and our expert judge will review it in a few days.

The goal of our prudent approval process is to celebrate and relive the golden days of motor racing in the most authentic way.

GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally | Classic


The majority of the fleet are vehicles from 1990 or before, of which few were produced, or have special features, or were created by famous designers, or have historical facts to prove their legendary status.

GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally | Effet de Surprise

Effet de Surprise

Vehicles that do not fit into the classic category, but that show something special or new to the jury. The jury will reward the creativity of each entrant with this licence.

GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally | Modern Classic

Modern Classic

Vehicles, mostly motorcycles, that follow a traditional silhouette and vintage design. E.g. Triumph Speed Twin, Yamaha XSR series, etc.

GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally | Wingman


Car owners who don't have a car that fits into any of the categories but want to experience the atmosphere of a veteran race, in exchange for help with transport and can enter for Fair Play and Perfect Gear only prizes.


Péter Guld


Péter is a widely known and acknowledged member of both the Hungarian but also the international motorsport journalism scene for over ten years now . Péter has travelled the world to cover prestigious events, such as the St Moritz ICE race on the frozen lake or the Isle of Man TT. His reports are accompanied by his own photography of the events. He got captivated by motorsports at the age of four once he saw a Kenny Roberts photo in the Motorsport book leaning in on his bike with the beautifully designed race number plate and his feet dragging on the ground.

Adrián Bernáth

award-winning motor film producer

Adrián Bernáth is one of the founding members of Turbometal, an independent car filmmaker and blogger company producing out of this world movies of unbelievable adventures with cars and motorbikes. Each of their movies has a different story but they all have one thing in common, zero compromise, they are willing to do even the impossible if it results in a good cut. In 2016 they won the title for Best Journalism at the London Motor Film Festival beating Top Gear competing in the same category.

Levente Trellay

race director

Besides the Balkan Rally, our race director is the founder behind many community-shaping motorsport events. Levi is a prominent figure in the Hungarian new wave motorcycle society. He picked out his first motorbike at the age of 6 and has been collecting them for three decades which collection features several unique pieces.


GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally | Budapest - Keszthely



Budapest - Keszthely
286 km

In the early morning we will start with a press conference, a shared breakfast, the official rider's meeting and the distribution of race material. The race will depart in the late morning towards Keszthely. The easiest leg starts with driving through the rolling green hills of Etyek, crossing picturesque villages leading up to the Lake Balaton, where you will be driving through the Káli-basin, one of our favourite routes in the country. Here you will have the opportunity to stop for a snack and a coffee in one of the many spots that the area has to offer. The drive will feature easy turns with slight elevation and descent.

Our lodging and the location of the Opening ceremony will be at the recently renovated Hotel Helikon**** Superior right by the magnificent Lake Balaton equipped with wellness facilities to relax and prepare physically and mentally for the next leg of the rally. To ease into the great journey you will meet your fellow riders by the lake for an aperitif accompanied by live music right before the sun sets. The evening will then follow with a generous dinner and will be concluded with fun activities to get to know each other.

GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally | Keszthely - Banja Luka



Keszthely - Banja Luka
315 km

On Day 2 of the race, you will start to head South and after crossing the small villages of South-Somogy and admiring it's oak and alder woodlands you will arrive to the first border-crossing and enter Croatia via crossing the river Drava. After driving through endless mowing fields and small villages you will reach the second crossing of the day, this time into Republika Srpska, one of the entities of Bosnia-Hercegovina. The landscape will slowly change, the roads will start twisting and the fields will be replaced by evergreens paving the road ahead of you.

After completing this enduring leg, you will reside in the region's most prestigous 4-star hotel, Courtyard by Mariott in Banja Luka where you can either relax in the spa or take in the sight's of Banja Luka on a guided walk in the city admiring the mosque, the fortress and the orthodox church before heading to dinner and the cool rooftop bar of the hotel.

GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally | Banja Luka - Sarajevo



Banja Luka - Sarajevo
238 km

In Leg 3 of the race you will soon start to see the rugged and extensive limestone peaks of the Dinaric Alps ahead of you. The route will take you higher and higher driving through mountain ridges reaching an elevation of 1400 meters before starting the descent to Sarajevo where the finish line will be at the graffiti-covered bobsleigh track of the 1984 Winter Olympics.

You will be lodging right in the historic centre of the Old Town in the chicest 5-star hotel of the city, Hotel Europe. After arrival you will have the option to either enjoy the sauna and jacuzzi or head out and get to know the colourful culture of the town by tasting its delicacies. After a locally inspired buffet dinner you will head out to the pubs of the Old Town to blow off some steam with some rounds of dunjevača after a day of heated competition.

GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally | Banja Luka - Sarajevo



Sarajevo - Kolasin
254 km

A true endurance leg. Keep your cool - or at least your engine’s - this will be a ride full of turns through the Dinaric Alps aiming to reach the greatest ski resort of Montenegro in Kolašin at the altitude of 954 meters. The narrow roads with no hard shoulder will require all your driving skills, but the biggest challenge of them all will be keeping your eyes on the road with all the breathtaking views. The Piva Lake’s turquoise waters will captivate you every time you exit a tunnel along the road carved into the steep mountains.

The course of the rally will take you around the Dormitor’s highest peak, Bobotov Kuk towering above you from an exhilarating 2523 meters. After a day of serpentines, your reward will be waiting for you in Kolasin’s Bianca Resort sporting unique brutalist architecture and high-class amenities. The evening will conclude with a local traditional smoky dinner accompanied by the rippling sound of the Tara River.

GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally | Kolasin - Kotor Bay



Kolasin - Kotor Bay
207 km

The last leg of the race to decide it all. You will be driving from the mountains all the way down to the Adriatic sea. If only it was that simple. The 30 hairpin turns over the 400 meter descent will slow you down with inward leaning concrete barriers on one side and jagged rock on the other. Regardless, the view will make up for it, you will witness the most astounding view of the Bay of Kotor in the Adriatic sea whilst reaching the finish line of the rally in Herceg Novi.

Your struggles will be rewarded once reaching the magnificent Lazure Marina and Hotel - your host for the night - a truly astounding luxury establishment with its own beachfront and marina where the gala and the awards ceremony will be held to hand out the trophies of The Great Balkan Rally 2023.

GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally | Kotor Bay - Trogir

+1 DAY


Kotor Bay - Trogir

Not ready to go home just yet? If you decide to select the ADRIATIC PREMIUM RACE package you will be part of the encore ride taking the scenic route home, extending your Balkan Rally with an additional day on the Dalmatian coast to relax and enjoy the afternoon and the sunset on the beach. After the farewell brunch in Kotor you will drive together, along the coast to Trogir.

You will stay in a luxury design boutique hotel, Brown Beach House, equipped with a prominent "rally-themed' black and white chequered pool right above its private beach. You will have a chance to share your experience of the rally with your newly made friends over a Dalmatian dinner and chill by the sea with some ice-cold beverages, concluding the epic journey.


This race is more about completing, than competing, however the team completing the route with the closest to the perfect time will take The Great Balkan Rally 2023 title home. The route will include secret checkpoints that will need to be solved via various challenges for extra points. We will be awarding titles in the following categories:

The Perfect Gear

Elected by a weighted vote of our expert judges and all the drivers during the gala night, the team competing with the perfect mindset, a head to toe representation of what The Great Balkan Rally is all about. This could be anything from a perfectly shined vehicle everyday through dressing up to match your car’s era to arriving with a full team branding.

The Great Balkan Rally 2023 Winner

The overall winning team of the rally. The team completing the rally with the most perfect time and solving all the challenges. Timing is everything, a challenging task considering the vehicle’s age and the varying road conditions. We will be awarding this title in both automobile and motorcycle categories separately.

Fair Play

Nominated and selected by all the drivers participating in the race during the gala night, the Fair Play title will be up for a vote and will go to the applicant who was the most helpful and considerate to their fellow competitors throughout the rally.

Rally packages

• Opening Ceremony
• 5 nights of accommodation in 4 or 5* luxury hotels with spa during the race
• Regional, gourmet delicacies with half-board food arrangement
(Lunches are self-catered)
• Race entry fee
• Rally kit and itinerary
• Commemorative poster
• Secure overnight parking
• Luggage hold for motorcyclists
• Premium merchandize

star star star

€1690 pp until 31st December 2022  or until the application of the first 20 cars and 10 motorcycles

€1990 pp until 30th April 2023

€2290 pp from 1th May 2023 onwards

• Opening Ceremony
• 5 nights of accommodation in 4 or 5* luxury hotels with spa during the race
• Regional, gourmet delicacies with half-board food arrangement
(Lunches are self-catered)
• Race entry fee
• Rally kit and itinerary
• Commemorative poster
• Secure overnight parking
• Luggage hold for motorcyclists
• Premium merchandize
• Guided drive home on a scenic route through Croatia
• Additional night of accommodation on the Croatian coast

star star star star

€1990 pp until 31st December 2022 or until the application of the first 20 cars and 10 motorcycles

€2290 pp until 30th April 2023

€2590 pp from 1th May 2023 onwards

• Opening Ceremony
• 5 nights of accommodation in 4 or 5* luxury hotels with spa during the race
• Regional, gourmet delicacies with half-board food arrangement
(Lunches are self-catered)
• Race entry fee
• Rally kit and itinerary
• Commemorative poster
• Secure overnight parking
• Luggage hold for motorcyclists
• Premium merchandize
• Secured vehicle delivery to Budapest
• Airport transfer to Tivat/Dubrovnik airports

star star star star star

€2390 pp until 31st December 2022 or until the application of the first 20 cars and 10 motorcycles

€2690 pp until 30th April 2023

€2990 pp from 1th May 2023 onwards

All prices are per person assuming 2 people per car and 1 person per motorbike. Please contact us regarding any other combination of vehicles and number of passengers.

GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally
GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally
The race of your dreams - classic vehicles in a unique setting with a dash of elegance and a bucketful of nostalgia

Race entry

The rally is not a roadtrip but a race. All participating vehicles will be subject to a pre-approval by our expert judge.


Call us, Email us or use the form below


Submit your application for the race along with the vehicle's MOT and all applicable documentation as well as photos of the vehicle


Secure your spot... once our expert judge approved the eligibility of your vehicle


Plane Tickets & Insurance
arrangement if needed


30 days before race start


We greet you on the opening ceremony

GoBeyond Vienna: +43 660 552 2466
GoBeyond Budapest: +36 70 324 5254

The Great Balkan Rally
GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally
GoBeyond | The Great Balkan Rally
Ride through lush forests, steep canyons and turquoise rivers aiming for the perfect time