GoBeyond | Kyrgyzstan Motorcycle Tour
GoBeyond | Kyrgyzstan Motorcycle Tour
GoBeyond | Kyrgyzstan Motorcycle Tour

Kyrgyzstan motorcycle tour

1-8 Jun 2024


Off-road motorcycle adventure in the Switzerland of Asia. Huge mountains, extremely playful terrain and very welcoming nomadic people and lifestyle.


8 days / 7 nights*


6 days Honda CRF 250L or similar motorbike rental, GoBeyond and local guides with repairman and back-up van


Manas International Airport (FRU / UCFM), Kyrgyzstan


Round trip in Kyrgyzstan from Bishkek to Bishkek


3 nights in a 4* hotel in Bishkek, 2 nights in a good quality 3-star hotel, 1 night in a guest house, 1 night in a comfortable, cosy yurt camp


€ 2 890

*The duration of the trip lasts from meeting at Viru Viru International Airport (VVI) to flying home from the same place.

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Huge, snow-capped mountains, narrow canyons, pristine turquoise lakes, endless grasslands, and semi-deserts: it’s not for nothing that Kyrgyzstan, with its breathtaking natural beauty, is called the Switzerland of Asia.

Before the 6 challenging days through rough terrain, we’ll explore Bishkek and try the best restaurants and bars in the capital. Once we leave the city, we ride from asphalt to varied terrain, climbing up to 3,500 metres on a route planned by our local guides. For most of the ride, we’ll be off-road on Japanese 250cc enduro bikes, perfect for the playful terrain.

As we wander through the mountain ranges of Tien San, passes, canyons, and high mountain lakes, we’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the ancient Middle-Asian culture, as many people still live in yurts and lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle. We’ll have a chance to experience it during our night in an authentic yurt camp while enjoying the excellent local hospitality.

Passing native herdsmen, yak herds, and wild horses, we finally return to the capital, where we recover from the rough terrain and relax together for one more evening before heading home with everlasting memories.


1-8 Jun 2024

The duration of the trip lasts from meeting at Manas International Airport (FRU / UCFM), Kyrgyzstan until the flight home from the same airport. The flight there and back might take an extra day, depending on where you are travelling from.

€ 2 890


  • 7 nights accommodation with full board
  • Local transfers
  • 6 days motorcycle rental – Honda CRF 250L
  • Local guides
  • Mechanic and spare parts
  • Back up vehicle for the baggage
  • Entry fees and permits
  • Experienced GoBeyond tour guide


  • Surcharge for Suzuki DR-Z 400 bike: € 350
  • Single room supplement: € 300
  • Upon request, we are happy to handle & book visas, plane tickets and insurance for a € 50 handling fee in total


  • International flight tickets to Bishkek and back (from € 425)
  • Insurance that covers motorbiking in Kyrgyzstan
  • Safety deposit for the motorcycle: € 600 or € 150 full damage waiver
  • Fuel for the mentioned route (depends on driving style, but certainly less than € 100)
  • Visa (if applicable, cca. € 50)
  • Pocket money (depending on the desire to buy souvenirs): € 200-500


3 nights in a 4* hotel in Bishkek, 2 nights in a good quality 3-star hotel, 1 night in a guest house, 1 night in a comfortable, cosy yurt camp.


6 days Honda CRF 250L motorbike rental. Professional local motorcycle tour guide, minivan and service background. Daily maintenance included. Accompanying GoBeyond motorcycle tour guide with years of practical experience.


Advanced motorcycle skills: can ride for six to ten hours, comfortable with any terrain and weather conditions. No experience required for pillions and for those who travel in the back-up car.


June is a moderately warm month in Kyrgyzstan with daytime highs of 25 degrees Celsius and evening lows of about 10 degrees. Both sunny and rainy weather is possible.


Maximum 12 riders with mixed nationalities in 1 group for each backup crew (back up van, mechanic and guide). In one camp we can handle a maximum of 2 groups.


All the photos and videos you see are from our previous camps. We usually use professional cameras on our trips to produce high quality content that you’ll receive after returning home to remember all the amazing memories.


The national currency is the Kyrgyz Som (KGS). We recommend that you take dollars with you, which you can exchange at the airport or at the first hotel. Depending on your spending habits, your budget should be between 250 and 500 USD. A meal will cost between 5 and 15 USD.


You will need insurance that covers motorcycle riding and is valid in Kyrgyzstan. If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us and we are happy to recommend the most suitable one for you.


All meals during the trip are included in the price, except for the first and last dinner, where we’ll visit the best restaurants in Bishkek.


There will be tarmac sections, but much of the journey will be on varied off-road terrain. Expect a strenuous, technical ride.


Every rider must bring his own motorcycle protective gear and helmet. We do not recommend wearing leather motorbike suits as we do not go fast on the bikes and we will have mostly warm weather. It’s a good idea to wear either a durable high top hiking boot, a real biking boot or even a crossmotor boot. We strongly recommend bringing good protective gear, since we are riding off-road small falls can occur. Don’t forget about your rain clothes, rainy day may occur.


Airport transfer on arrival and departure, backup-van for the off-road tour. The tour is conducted with 250cc Honda CRF enduro bikes. Suzuki DR-Z 400 motorbikes are also available on request and for an additional charge.


In addition to the special off-road motorbike tour through the diverse Kyrgyz landscape, you’ll experience the unique nomadic lifestyle, culture, and cuisine of the locals firsthand. We ride on lonely roads through untouched landscapes, where the only animals you’ll see are yaks, wild horses, and eagles…



Arrival to Manas Airport, a quick nap in the hotel, then short city tour in Bishkek. We will visit the heart of the city, Ala-Too Square and its monuments. Afterwards we can enjoy a walk in the Oak Park, one of the locals’ favourite places and we'll visit the bazaar of Osh, where we'll immerse ourselves in the real oriental atmosphere: endless crowds, a great variety of goods and colours. In the evening, we go to one of the best restaurants in Bishkek, where we will taste Kyrgyz specialties.


We will drive through the Kyrgyz Range located near the city of Bishkek, enjoying the views of the magnificent gorges at high altitudes. The unpaved, serpentine road ahead will take us up to 2200 metres, where we'll enjoy the fresh mountain air among flowering herbs before returning to our hotel in Bishkek.


On the second day, we cross the highest point of the road, a 3,500 meter pass, and enter an alpine valley dotted with pastures and wildflowers, a paradise for the local nomads and their cattle. Later, we change to a country road and continue along the Kokemeren River, which winds through the red clay-covered mountains, until we reach Kyzyl Oy, a small village with a special atmosphere due to its red clay houses, where we enjoy local food before resting after a long day.


The goal of the fourth day is to reach Song Kul Lake located at an altitude of 3 000 meters. On our way, we will pass through the beautiful vastlands where we’ll see yaks and other animal herds. The lake, which looks very small from the 3300 meter high pass, soon spreads out before us in all its glory. Arriving at our yurt camp, we get a taste of the nomads' way of life, their customs, and their hospitality. Dinner and overnight stay at the yurt camp.


The hardest day of the tour, but perhaps also the most spectacular, is ahead of us. We climb up another pass, from where we follow a mountain stream winding through extensive pine forests, and then down an earth ridge towards the south, in the direction of China. After lunch, it's uphill and downhill again in similar surroundings before we cover the last kilometres of the day on a paved and relaxed road to Naryn, where we can take another hot shower after a busy day, have dinner in town, and rest in a comfortable hotel.


Our journey continues through a very impressive gravel road, a real „paradise” for riders. Our way passes through lunar landscapes, hills, pastures, sand canyons and semi-deserts, passing by nomad people and shepherd camps. In the evening we arrive at the village of Kochkor for a delicious dinner and a relaxing evening.


Our last day on the bike will be mainly on tarmac, back to the capital via the Boom Gorge. On the way we'll visit the Burana Tower, an ancient minaret with tombs, castle ruins and three mausoleums that bear witness to the ancient city of Balashagyn, founded in the 9th century. On the last evening in Bishkek, we'll round off the tour with dinner and a party before heading off for a good night's sleep.


A transfer will take us to the airport, where we will fly home with unforgettable memories and new friendships.

The program is subject to change at any time. The final itinerary depends on current weather conditions and the group’s endurance.



Call us, email us or use the form below


We will get back to you within 48h


Secure your spot with a deposit & travel contract


Typically 1-2 months before departure


30 days before departure


We greet you at the meeting point

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    Kyrgyzstan motorcycle tour


    Not at all. The rooms are usually for 2 people, so probably you'll be paired with one of your super friendly group mates, but if you prefer to sleep alone, you can request a private room for a surcharge. Please tell us in the application form and we'll figure out something for you.

    It depends on your nationality. The European Union citizens can stay in Kyrgyzstan for up to 60 days without a visa. This can vary for other nationalites, but It's easily attenaible online for about 80 €. Please always check it on your local embassy’s website.

    We will stay within Kyrgyzstan for the whole trip.

    You need to have a motorcycle driving license valid for a 500 cc motorbike.

    You can sit in the backup-van and enjoy the same trip. Also, you will have the chance to sit and ride on the bike behind our guides or if you come together with a rider you can also sit on the back of their bike for most of the trip.

    It's up to you. Wearing off-road protective clothing is highly recommended. We do not recommend wearing leather motorbike suits as we do not go fast. But as the temperature changes constantly with altitude, it's best to dress in layers, as you would for skiing. It’s a good idea to wear either a durable high top hiking boot, a real biking boot or even a dirt bike boot.

    June is not a rainy month in Kyrgyzstan, but rains can occur at any time.

    We recommend bringing your own one! They are provided if necessary, but obviously, these are used and not of the highest quality. It is your decision what kind of helmet you prefer, that you can rely on against very strong sunshine and a lot of dust.

    There will be parts with straight, smooth concrete roads, but this is not typical, we'll mostly ride off-road. You need to be prepared for bumps, river crossings, mud, sand, grass, gravel, lots of curves and anything you can imagine.

    Tap water is recommended only for showering and washing hands. In order to avoid any health risk, drink bottled water and use it for washing your teeth. If you follow general health and hygiene rules, the chances of getting sick are very low, but diarrhea and stomach infections can happen on any tour. It's always a good idea to carry hand sanitizer or a small bottle of alcohol. If you feel unwell, you can ride in the support vehicle with one of the guides taking over your bike.

    Yes, you will have enough fuel for the whole trip, but it is not included in the price.

    The staff consists of: a tour guide from GoBeyond who is experienced in guiding motorcycle tours, a professional English-speaking local tour guide, and a support car with a trailer, driver and mechanic who is an expert on motorcycles and has a lot of tools and spare parts in the support car.

    You need to pack into at least 2 bags. The big bag travels in or on the back-up van so don't bring your expensive suitcases (you can pack them in and out everyday in the hotel), and you can attach your hand baggage or backpack to the bike. In this you should have your extra layers, water, camera and any personal items you need during the day.

    Please ask your local health authority. Usually there are no mandatory vaccinations.

    The Kyrgyz Som (KGS) is the local currency. You can exchange it on arrival at the airport or later anywhere in the city centre. Depending on your spending habits, your budget should be between 250 and 500 USD. A meal will cost between 5 and 15 USD.

    The Kyrgyz Som (KGS) is the local currency. You can exchange it on arrival at the airport or later anywhere in the city centre. ATMs and card payments aren't widely available here, but they're in Bishkek (not all cards are accepted). We recommend you bring dollars in cash and change!

    After the end of the day's motorcycle programme, of course.

    Choose insurance that covers motorcycling too. Contact us if you need help.

    3 nights in a 4* hotel in Bishkek, 2 nights in a good quality 3-star hotel, 1 night in a guest house, 1 night in a comfortable, cosy yurt camp.

    You shouldn't worry, the back-up van with the mechanic is always the last one on the road, just park your bike on the side of the road, wait for him and enjoy the stunning scenery while he repairs your bike. Usually he can fix anything within 15 mins. The head of the group will wait for you at the next resting stop.

    Generally, the accommodations has medium-quality internet access. We recommend to buy a local SIM card if you need it, as mobile internet is of better quality than the networks available at the accommodations.

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