Iceland with Kids

21-28 Jun 2024 20-27 Sep 2024


Vanlife road trip in the most spectacular scenery on Earth. The ocean view lounge, the volcano view bedroom and the geothermal river in the backyard are parts of the standard equipment. And the best GPS, our tour guide with impressive local knowledge navigates you through the wonders of the island.


8 days / 7 nights*


Reykjavík - Keflavík International Airport (KEF)


A magical roadtrip around Iceland starting and finishing in Reykjavík


7 nights in fully equipped 2 person campervans


8 day rental of fully equipped 2 person campervan with heating and complete camping equipment


From € 1 990 / person

*The duration of the trip lasts from meeting at Reykjavík - Keflavik Intl. Airport (KEF) until the flight home from the same airport.



Iceland is one of the world’s most incredible destinations, largely due to its jaw-dropping natural landscape. It has everything from lava fields to glaciers.

However, visiting all the sights could take months and cost a fortune. How can you possibly decide what’s worth seeing when there are so many things to choose from like volcanos, geysers, waterfalls, hot water springs, basalt columns, huge crevices, glaciers, lagunes, and mud pools, and when several months wouldn’t be enough to see it all? Where should you book your stay and what should you eat in a country where a bed in a hostel can cost 100 euros a night? What is the best time of year to go so the inclement weather doesn’t ruin your plans? You’ll definitely need some expertise to help you with those questions.

GoBeyond’s answer to these tricky questions is a campervan tour of Iceland. The tour is organized by a guide who jam pack the itinerary with both the absolute must-see sights and hidden gems.

The campervan is a transformed minibus with heating, a table, chairs, a basic kitchen, a bed and bedding. By going with a campervan, you’ll get the spontaneity and adventure of backpacking, while also enjoying the comfort of a hotel stay. There’s always a place you can escape to when you need a moment, and you’ll have a warm bed to sleep in at the end of a long and exciting day.

It’s important to be flexible when touring Iceland. Your tour guides will keep an eye on the weather forecasts, and things can always be adapted if rain clouds make the existing plan tricky. In a country where it rains almost every day, the best kind of tour is one that can escape the clouds at a moment’s notice. In Iceland, forward thinking and planning are super important, when it comes to keeping the reins on our budget too. One of the ways we keep the cost of our tour affordable is by shopping local ingredients together and cooking meals on our campervan’s grill. Surprisingly, there are some things in Iceland, which are actually cheaper than in other parts of the world. These include world-class lamb hearts, cod, crustaceans, lamb, and beef. Forget that old stereotype of fermented shark meat!


21-28 Jun 2024 20-27 Sep 2024

The duration of the trip lasts from meeting at Reykjavík - Keflavik Intl. Airport (KEF) until the flight home from the same airport. The flight there and back might take an extra day, depending on where you are travelling from.

for one
1 990 €

Included in the price

  • 8 days compact manual 2-person camper van rental
  • Campervan insurances (CDW, self risk up to € 2 500)
  • Full camping equipment
  • GoBeyond tour guide with extensive local knowledge
  • Camp sites and accommodation throughout the whole trip

Optional extras

  • Add extra insurance to travel more safely
    • Premium: +180 €/car (self risk up to € 350)
    • Premium plus: +275 €/car (self risk up to € 0)
  • Upgrade your vehicle to meet your needs
  • For an additional fee of € 50, the GoBeyond team can handle your flight tickets and insurance

Further expenses

  • Plane tickets to and from the meeting point – Reykjavík – Keflavik Intl. Airport (KEF)
  • Travel insurance
  • Fuel
  • Entrance fees (bath entrance, museum etc.)
  • Personal expenses
  • Food and drinks


All vans are fully equipped and fit 2 people. They all have the following equipment: gas stove + gas cylinder, cooking and kitchenware, space to store food, linen, duvets and pillows, modern heating system, table + two chairs


Changeable, 9-15 ºC during the day, wind, rain, sunshine (anything can happen), 2-8 ºC in the night

Activities & sights

We will visit all the major sights in Iceland and thanks to our seasoned guide, we will also see some non touristy hidden gems. Just to mention a few, geysers, bubbling mud-springs, pitch-black beach covered by lava sand, lava tunnels, seals, puffins in their natural habitat, thermal baths with beautiful blue water, super-active volcanic valleys, full of sulfurous eruptions, local craft beers in Reykjavík are all on the menu.

Travel insurance

You will need travel insurance that is valid in Iceland. You can contact us and we are happy to recommend the most suitable one. You don’t need to worry about the insurance of the vans, this is covered by GoBeyond.


Besides visiting restaurants and getting a real taste of the Icelandic cuisine, we will go shopping together for local ingredients and cooking meals on our campervan’s grill.

Road conditions

In total we will travel approx. 1650 km with a daily distance ranging from 120-380 km. Iceland has very good quality concrete roads all along the trip.


To one trip we can welcome a maximum of 24 guests at the same time (12 vans). Solo travelers, groups of friends and couples are all welcome.

Photo & Video

All the photos and videos you see are from our previous camps. We produce high-quality content of all our camps, which you will receive after returning home to remember all the amazing memories.

Personal expenses

Depending on spending habits your budget for the trip should range from 500-900 EUR. For reference, a meal in a restaurant is between 40-50 EUR, petrol for the trip will be approx. 250 EUR, entry to thermal bath is ~40 EUR in Mývatn – this is an optional program for the trip.



Arrival at Keflavík Airport, pick up the cars. We spend the first night near Reykjavík or Borgarnes.


We drive through the North-west part of the island almost in a single burst, with a stop half way to check out a beautiful canyon and relax for a while.
Later we’ll visit a bit of the second “biggest” city, Akureyri before we spend the evening in a campsite next to it.


After a short morning visit in Akureyri we head towards the island’s maybe most spectacular waterfall and a surprisingly active volcanic valley, full of sulfurous eruptions, called Hverir. Here the world’s biggest geothermal plant is working close to an already cooled down lava field. During this day we also have the opportunity to go to a thermal bath with beautiful blue water. We finish the day on the shore of the Mývatn Lake.


On the way to the east we visit several more waterfalls while getting to a small fishing village which gives the exact feeling of a Wes Anderson movie. After lunch we go for a short hike to a majestic waterfall among the fjords before spending the night in a campsite in one of the fishing villages.


We have a long drive on beautiful roads acrossthe fjords while getting closer to the glaciers. During the day we visit a small village, Höfn and in the afternoon we continuously reach new and new astonishing spots and witness how the peeled off ice floes move into the ocean, while seals are chasing each other around. We finish the day with a hike to a viewpoint in the Skaftafell National Park, where we stay for the night as well.


In the southern part we check the most famous sightseeing spots of Iceland such as Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon and the basalt columns at Reynisfjara on a pitch-black beach covered by lava sand. After lunch we stop in Vík before visiting a few more lesser and well-known waterfalls, like Skógafoss, which we will discover inside out.


The last full day of the tour also offers spectacular sightseeing: after a visit to the breathtaking Seljalandsfoss waterfall, we head north to visit the Golden Circle attractions, including Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall and the unique Geysir: the first geyser ever discovered and all the geysers in the world were named after it.


In the morning we will pass through Reykjavík to buy the essential souvenirs. Depending on the mood of the team and the outbound flights’ departure time we might check out 1-2 spectacular spots while heading to drop off the vans before saying goodbye and going home with everlasting memories.

The program is subject to change at any times.



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    Trips with Kids
    Iceland with Kids


    Not at all. There are always people who come alone, so you can be sure that you’ll make new friends!

    Every van needs to have one driver with a normal driving license, he needs to have good driving skills. Driving the van is the same as driving a large car also if needed assistance will be provided by our guides in eventual thigh spots or when parking.

    Very changeable weather, 8-13 ºC during the day, wind, rain, sunshine (anything can happen), 2-8 ºC in the night. We recommend bringing at least 2 seats of outdoor clothing, wind and waterproof clothing and footwear is a must. You should always have extra layers in your backpack during small hikes the weather can change very quickly. Our local guide is a weather specialist, so he will do everything to stay out of rain, but as the Icelandic saying goes “ there is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate equipment”.

    Although our tour guide is not a natural-born Icelander, but knows the country inside out: a nature enthusiast who is a massive fan of Icelandic history and culture. She is prepared for every question and always has a Plan B if nature changes the plans.

    Fully equipped cozy campervans for 2 people, 4* downtown hotel in Reykjavík.

    Depending on spending habits your budget for the trip should range from 500-700 EUR. For reference, a meal in a restaurant is between 40-50 EUR, petrol for the trip will be approx. 250 EUR, entry to thermal bath is ~40 EUR in Mývatn – this is an optional program for the trip.

    The local currency is the Icelandic króna (ISK). There is no need to change money at all, there are several ATMS, but in all of Iceland paying by card is the most popular method, actually there will be several places where you can only pay by card.

    For Iceland most nationalities don’t need a Visa.

    Important parts of Icelandic cuisine are lamb, dairy, and fish. We will eat in some restaurants but mostly we will go shopping and prepare food in the vans and have grill parties at the campsites.

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    The company is growing up with us and it always reflects our lives and ambitions. Lots of our customers have had kids in the last years (us included), and we believe that you do not have to give up on exciting adventures just because you became parents.

    On the contrary, children need adventure and fun just as much as we do - and to be honest we need it more than ever!

    In GoBeyond Kids camps both adults and kids can learn and share the same new skills along the way.

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