Portugal Motorcycle Tour

OCT 2024


Off-road motorcycling through the heart of a European paradise, where the locals gleefully wave at riders barrelling by them on the trails. The unparalleled hospitality of Portugal combined with an endlessly varied landscape, the Atlantic Ocean and top-level gastronomic experiences guarantee a flawless off-road adventure!


7 days / 6 nights

Motorcycle package

5 days renting of Honda CRF300L bike, 4 days enduro riding with a GoBeyond guide and an experienced local with mechanical support background

Meeting point

Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport (LIS)


Tour of Portugal, along the Atlantic Ocean coast, with a homebase in Ericeira


6 nights in private villa with pool and ocean views


€ 2 990

The duration of the trip lasts from the group meet up in Lisbon (Humberto Delgado Airport - LIS) to the departure home from the same.


Every enduro fanatic dreams of destinations with winding, playful routes where the locals accept riders with open arms. Luckily, you need not travel to the ends of the earth to make this fantasy a reality since Portugal is regarded as the last off-road paradise of Europe for a reason; there, offroading is not only legal and accepted, but even dog walkers wave at bikes as they roar by on the trails.

Waking up to cinematic panoramas, we’ll start each day enjoying crisp ocean breezes as we start the day’s ride, guided by Diogo who will help us explore the best of the region. Our constant companions will be long sandy coastlines, dense overgrown forests, rocky outcrops and narrow passes, sharp twists and turns, and clear crisp water splashing around us as we traverse the forest streams. These trying routes culminate in breathtaking plateaus with stunning views and cooling atlantic breezes, the perfect spots to take a break from the challenging rides.

After thoroughly tiring our engines, we will toast our adventures poolside or explore one of the hidden bars in the cobblestone streets of the charming oceanside town. Our days off between demanding days of riding will be spent at the group’s whim, sightseeing in Lisbon or Sintra, surfing and relaxing on the beach or even just chilling in our villa. The week-long trip will give us ample opportunity to enjoy everything that makes Portugal worth a visit: fresh seafood, iconic hams and cheeses, delicious wines and of course, the Mediterranean climate and leisurely pace of life.


Atlantic ride
OCT 2024

The duration of the trip lasts from the group meet up in Lisbon (Humbrto Delgado Airport - LIS) to the departure home from the same.

€ 2 990


  • Accommodation in oceanfront private villa with pool and rooms with 2-3 beds
  • 4 days enduro riding fully guided by local tour guide with extensive regional knowledge
  • Honda CRF300L renting for 5 days
  • Fuel for the tour route
  • Every breakfast and dinner, including the best restaurants in town and barbeques held at the villa
  • Transfers from Lisbon airport upon arrival and departure
  • Optional city sightseeing in Lisbon or Sintra, or surfing on rest days
  • Professional photographer for the duration of the trip
  • GoBeyond tour guide


  • Private rooms can be booked for a €400 surcharge, as long as available
  • If required, booking of flight tickets can be arranged through our office, with a handling fee of €50
  • Upon request, we can arrange the transport of your own motorcycle to Portugal


  • Flight tickets to meeting point and back – Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport (LIS)
  • Insurance covering motorcycling
  • Personal expenses, including lunches and drinks


6 nights in an oceanfront private villa with pool, tennis courts, outdoor cooking area, garage, gym and and billiard room


Renting of Honda CRF300L bike for 5 days, with 4 days of fully guided rides. Routes planned by a local, professional, English-speaking tour guide with mechanical background. On rest days, we can ride our motorcycles wherever we want. The group will also be escorted by an experienced GoBeyond tour guide with extensive local knowledge.


Advanced motorcycle skills are required, you must be able to ride for six hours safely in any terrain and weather.


April in Portugal is mild: temperatures are typically around 20-22 °C maximum, at night it goes down to 14 °C. Sunshine and rainfall are equally likely.


Maximum 10 riders of mixed nationalities for each escort team (local and GoBeyond guide).


A professional photographer will accompany the team on this trip as we always ensure high-quality photos are taken on our excursions. You’ll receive them from us upon your arrival home so you’ll always remember your wonderful experience.


Breakfasts and dinners are included in the price but lunches are at personal expense. Depending on your spending habits we recommend bringing €500-€800 to cover meals, souvenirs etc. A meal typically costs €10-€13.


You will need an insurance that covers motorcycle riding and is valid in Portugal. You can contact us and we are happy to recommend the most suitable one.


The trip price includes breakfasts and dinners, as well as barbeques at our villa and organised group dinners held at local restaurants. Drinks, snacks and lunches are personal expenses. Our guides have a lot of local knowledge so they will happily share their favourite places in town for our lunches and evening drinks!


This trip consists of mainly off road routes, requiring explicitly technical skill. Prepare for demanding regions with rocky, sandy terrain, as well as muddy river crossings.


Every rider must wear protective gear: a motocross/enduro helmet with chin guard, chest protection armour, knee pads and motocross/enduro high boots are essential. We can provide a limited amount of protective gear on-site but if you have your own, now is the time to use it. Don’t forget to bring your waterproofs as well, it’s worth preparing for cloudy days!


We will ensure transfers from Lisbon airport to the accommodation and back. The Honda CRF300L bikes will provide our transport for 5 days (excluding the days of arrival and departure). Transportation needs that arise outside of the organised program will need to be covered individually.


In addition to exploring the diverse Portuguese landscape through the best adventurous motorcycle routes, we will get to know the Mediterranean lifestyle, culture and the regional cuisine. On days off between demanding days of riding, we will have rest days spent as the team wishes, exploring Lisbon or Sintra, surfing and enjoying the beach, or taking some well-earned rest by the pool.



Arrival to Lisbon, where a private transfer will wait to take us to the oceanside town where we can enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous scenery. We'll settle into our accommodation and get acclimatised during a barbeque in the garden.


The second day will start with the roar of our engines as we set off to map the area, led by our trustworthy enduro guide, Diogo. Through dense thickets and shady river valleys, over rocky mountain sides and sandy ocean shores, we will cover around 100-150 km on each of the four motorcycling days, riding across endlessly varied terrains.


To ensure we can fully regenerate from days filled with taxing rides, we will have resting days where everyone can relax or explore to their heart’s content - by bike or otherwise. If you wish, we will organise city tours to Lisbon or Sintra, or you could even try your hand at surfing, since Ericeira is also known as Europe’s top surfing destination. Our bikes will be at our disposal on these days too so anyone wishing to hop back in the saddle and explore the area by bike can do or, but chilling all day by the side of the pool with a drink in hand is also totally acceptable!


Once we have enjoyed everything our bikes can offer and revelled in our last night together, we will head to the airport in a private transfer, filled with unforgettable adventures!

The program is subject to change at any time. The final itinerary depends on current weather conditions and the group’s endurance.



Call us, email us or use the form below


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Secure your spot with a deposit & travel contract


Typically 1-2 months before departure


30 days before departure


We greet you at the meeting point

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    Motorcycle trips
    Portugal Motorcycle Tour


    Not at all. The accomodation has rooms with 2-3 beds but if you don't want to be paired with one of your super friendly group mates, you can ask for a single bedroom for an additional fee, please request this in the application form.

    EU citizens do not require a visa to enter Portugal.

    You will need a driver's license valid for motorcycles of at least 250 cc calibre.

    You should expect rough terrain and even some possible tumbles and falls so protective gear is a must. Motocross/enduro helmet with chin guard, chest protection armour, knee pads and motocross/enduro high boots are all essential. We are able to provide a limited amount of protective gear on-site but if you have your own don’t leave it at home. Don’t forget to bring your waterproofs as well, cloudy days may come!

    April isn’t known to be a particularly wet month in Portugal, but rain can come at any time and it’s always better to be over-prepared!

    Motocross/enduro helmets with chin guards are our recommendation and if you can, bring your own! We can provide a limited number of helmets but bear in mind that these will all have been previously used by others.

    “Road” is definitely not the right word! Prepare yourself to ride through dense thicket and narrow tracks overgrown by roots, cross rivers and rocky plains, be battered by mud, sand, grass and pebbles as we navigate tricky twists and turns and encounter almost any type of terrain imaginable - but certainly no concrete!

    The tour will be led by a GoBeyond guide with extensive motorcycling tour guiding experience as well as substantial local knowledge about Ericeira. In addition, there will be a professional, English-speaking local guide to accompany the group, who not only knows the region like the back of his hand but works as an off-road motorcycling instructor and would be happy to help you improve your technique!

    We recommend packing at least two bags: one larger suitcase that will be left at the villa and a smaller backpack for daily use that can carry all your essentials: waterproofs, camera, water bottle, snacks and other assorted knick knacks you may need on the road.

    The local currency is the euro. There will be plenty of exchange kiosk at the airport and near our accomodation, but you can pay by card in most places as well as find plenty of ATMs along our routes.

    Once we have finished the daily rides and safely stowed the keys, pool or ocean side drinks are even recommended!

    You will need insurance that covers all motorcycling accidents and is valid in Portugal. If you require help, we are happy to assist you in finding the best possible insurance.

    Expect an oceanfront, private villa with rooms containing 2-3 beds. A place where the open air pool with panoramic views, tennis court, billiard room, gym and outdoor grilling area all contribute to a true feeling of luxurious relaxation.

    No need to worry about something like that, since Diogo will not only be there to show us the daily routes, but as mechanical backup, clad with spare parts and ready to fix anything. In case of malfunction, you would simply have to pull over and enjoy the cooling ocean breeze as Diogo gets to work fixing your bike.

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