The beauty of Island hopping on our Philippines surf camp.
The beauty of Island hopping on our Philippines surf camp.

Philippines Surf Camp

22 Oct - 1 Nov 2023


Arrive by propeller plane to a hidden, eco-friendly paradise where you can surf over pristine coral reefs and head to parties on uninhabited islands by boat.


11 days / 10 nights*


Easy - from total beginners to advanced surfers


Fancy surf shacks in a lush garden by the beach with 2-4 beds


Philippines, Siargao, General Luna


Sayak Airport Siargao (IAO)


From € 1990

*The duration of the trip lasts from meeting at Sayak Airport Siargao (IAO) until the flight home from the same airport.


There’s a theory that real adventure only starts when you’re someplace you can’t get to easily. The kind of place that isn’t a tourist trap, so you can enjoy the major sights without being trampled by others.

After several stopovers and a propeller plane ride, you’ll arrive in a paradise often described as Bali 30 years ago – undiscovered by hordes of tourist and international hotel chains.

Siargao is a completely different world compared to South East Asia’s usual hotspots. The environment, the pace of life, and the people create a truly idyllic setting. You’ll find the locals are smiling and kind, and they speak good English. Unlike many other tourist destinations, there are no “tourist prices” here. The locals are very environmentally conscious as they know the natural environment is their most important treasure. Plastic waste and plastic bottles are not common here, straws were banned here way before European countries even started discussions about the idea.

Within moments of arriving, you’ll get in the flow of this way of life, where everyone gets around by habal-habal (a type of motorbike with a roof that’s kind of like a tuk-tuk) on the roads and by traditional boat between the islands. You’ll even take a boat when zipping between the best beaches and surf spots.

One of the highlights of the trip is heading to the local market to buy all kinds of fresh fish, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. We’ll then take our haul over to a breathtakingly beautiful island where a local family will cook a delicious traditional meal for us to enjoy on a white sandy beach.

Surfing over a coral reef

The island is surrounded by world-class reefs and turquoise water. For those seeking theultimate Siargao experience, it’s worth taking the board out. All beginners get their own personal instructor because surfing on reef-breaks can be dangerous for newbies. By the end of the trip, your surfing will improve more than you’ve ever imagined, and you’ll definitely form a close bond with your instructor. Experienced surfers will be able to surf the perfect tubes of Siargao’s world-famous Cloud 9 surf spot. We planned the itinerary so those who don’t want to surf also have a magical time. We will visit lagoons by boat, climb caves, canoe in a jungle, and of course, sunbathe on the pristine beaches.

Head to the party in a boat

The locals love to party, and there’s always a mix of travelling surfers and locals enjoying themselves at one of the island parties. In fact, there are parties in different venues every night, sometimes even offshore on a tiny island, which we’ll reach by boat. Did you know that rum is cheaper than cola on Siargao? Yep, that’s right – ordering a double rum and coke will be cheaper than ordering just a coke. Not to mention triple rum-cokes… Still, you’ll want to keep track of your drinks so that you’re ready to surf early the next morning! After spending 11 days in paradise you will fall so deeply in love with Siargao you’ll want to keep this amazing destination a secret to make sure it remains unspoiled.


22 Oct - 1 Nov 2023

The duration of the trip lasts from meeting at Sayak Airport Siargao (IAO) until the flight home from the same airport. The flight there and back might take an extra day, depending on where you are travelling from.

2 bed
€ 1990


  • 10 nights accommodation with breakfast
  • Surf theory lessons, and surf rental
  • Surf guiding for intermediates
  • Airport transfers
  • Daily transport
  • Alternative programs with entry fees, boat rides, daily trips
  • GoBeyond tour guide


  • Private instructor for beginners 120 EUR.


  • Plane tickets to and from the meeting point – Sayak Airport Siargao (IAO)
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Lunches & dinners


10 nights in a fancy beachside surf shack either in 8 bed community villa or 2 bed private chalet. Traditional style, newly built, thatched roofed houses in a stunning garden in front of the famous Tuason surf break with a laid back, unique and young atmosphere.


There will be a total of 7 theoretical and practical surf lessons during the week, 5 of which will be with a private instructor. On this trip, surf classes are personalised – each beginner surf student will have their own teacher who will pay full attention to them. This results in very fast learning and improvement, making surfing safe for beginners – even on the tricky waves that break on the reefs. More experienced surfers will be guided by boat captains to the best spots in the area.


Tropical climate, tons of sunshine 28-35°C, water temperature 26-29°C. Make sure to bring high FPS sunscreen and lycra (UV protective) surf shirt. 


Maximum of 16 people usually mixed nationalities. Solo travelers, group of friends and couples with varying surfing skills and experience. 


Before and after surfing you can enjoy a big fish dinner on a beach with white sand, where you can also take a ride on a hand-carved boat into the jungle, climb through magnificent natural caves, chill at the bars and smoothie places, or party ‘til the morning on an uninhabited virgin island.


There is a unique pattern of nightlife in Siargao, with a fixed party timetable. Every day a different hotel, bar, or even a tiny uninhabited island will be the venue for the party, which will definitely be filled with locals and visitors of the island. Surprisingly cheap rum cokes fuel the festivities.


The local currency is the Philippine peso PHP. We recommend bringing USD in cash and to exchange at the airport. Depending on spending habits your budget for the trip should range from 350-700 USD. For reference, a meal is between 3-15 USD. 



Breakfast is included in the price. Besides your preferred styled of egg you can try local specialities like pig skewers with fried rice. Siargao has a large number of great restaurants, cafes, and bars. Widespread chia seed, banana, blueberry, acai smoothie bowls paired with coconut milk latte macchiatos are made for showing off on Instagram, but you can always choose less trendy, but nonetheless delicious, dishes. There are great Italian, Japanese, and Mexican restaurants close to our accommodation, as well as numerous nice local spots where they will grill fresh fish you choose on site.


Siargao is still an off the beaten path surf destination. 35 different surf spots within reach or a short boat ride away, from beginner-appropriate to the world famous Cloud 9 for advanced surfers. 


Comfortable minivans with AC for transfers from airport and longer daily trips. Habal-Habal for short trips and surf sessions. Local hydroplane motorized boats, called Bangaka for island hopping and surf expeditions. All transports besides for nightlife are included in the price. 


From most countries the fastest way to reach Siargao is through Cebu or Manila. In both places we recommend a good night’s sleep in a nice hotel close to the airport. The next morning there will be a direct flight with an amazingly cool 70-seat propeller plane full of locals to Siargao. The group unites in Siargao where you will be greeted by the GoBeyond team. We will help with choosing all the flights. 


All the photos and videos you see are from our previous camps. We produce high-quality content of all our camps, which you will receive after returning home to remember all the amazing memories. 


You will need an insurance that covers surfing accidents. You can contact us and we are happy to recommend the most suitable one.



After a short ride with a cool propeller plane from Manila or Cebu over emerald green islands in turquoise water, you arrive at the tiny airport of Siargao. You will be amazed by the lush green scenery during your 1,5 hours long transfer to the resort. Before dinner and the welcome cocktail party on the beach, you’ll still have time for a dip in the ocean.


After the first theory lesson, beginners will get their own private surf instructors and head to the ocean. Advanced surfers will be taken out to one of the cool reef-breaks in the area by boat. For dinner, we head for one of the local’s favourites, Mama’s grill.


Before diving into the waves we will have a rainbow smoothie bowl at Shaka Café. You will feel the 2 days of surfing in your muscles, the amazingly good massage located just opposite of our resort can bring great relief. This night’s dinner spot is a tapas restaurant with tasty local & fresh produce and live music. If you feel the energy for a little party, La Santa is the place to go.


We take a boat ride to an outer reef, where we will have our 3rd surf session. Quick refuel at General Luna for lunch, followed by theory lesson. Sunset watching and dinner will take place at a cool hidden shack, accessible only by boat.


Siargao is best accessible by flying in from Cebu or Manila. We recommend spending a night in a hotel near to the airport in both cases. The next day you can take a direct flight to Siargao with a pretty cool propeller plane - it does not even have an international airport. The group meets on Siargao, where our GoBeyond guides are going to be there to welcome you. We are happy to help with choosing flights.


Beginners start the day with a surf theory lesson then they will have a surf photo and video session. We’ll have a refreshing smoothie bowl for lunch then we’ll check out the famous Cloud 9 surf tower. For the free time in the afternoon, we highly recommend another massage or some free surfing if you still have energy. For dinner, we will visit one of our friend’s house to try a classic home-cooked Filipino dinner.


During the last and final theoretical surf lesson, we will analyse the surfing footages we made earlier so you can see your mistakes and develop faster. We’ll work on our moves in the water, and then take some rest before a big party at our resort.


We’ll hop into a minivan and head for the northern part of the island. We’ll have lunch at a small town called Burgos, then take a boat ride to the amazingly beautiful Sugba lagoon where we do a sup session in the national park.


Starting the day as you would do in paradise with a surf session & fresh tropical brekky. We discover new surf spots depending on weather conditions. Then we stock up with fresh seafood at the local market and head for Daku Island, where local ladies will cook for us. We continue the island hopping at Guyam island in the sunset.


Last organized surf session on the favourite spot of the group. Souvenir shopping in the afternoon followed by a Filipino style fiesta at Shaka bar and afterparty at La Santa.


We are leaving with a morning flight to Manila where everyone can reach their international flight home. Although we have a long journey ahead, we are filled with everlasting memories and ready to indulge in all photos taken during the camp.

The program is subject to change at any times. The final itinerary depends on current weather conditions, swell, tidal movements, the group’s surfing skills and stamina.



Call us, Email us or use the form below


We will get back to you within 48h


Secure your spot with a 40% deposit & travel contract


Typically 1-2 months before departure


30 days before departure


We greet you at the meeting point

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    Philippines Surf Camp


    Obviously yes, at least half of the group always consists of beginners. We have found perfect conditions for beginners each year, and with the help of the professional instructors, you will be able to learn the basics very effectively.

    During the daytime it’s sunny, around 28-35°C, during the night it’s around 28 °C. The water is 28 °C. Board short, bikini, lycra (UV and rash protection) surf shirt is needed. We recommend to bring reef boots. Don’t forget the suncream and your hat at home!

    A GoBeyond tour guide and professional local instructors with many years of experience.

    Besides the world-famous barrels of Cloud 9,it boasts dozens of amazing spots within a short boat ride.

    We planned the itinerary so those who don’t want to surf also have a magical time. We will visit lagoons by boat, climb caves, canoe in a jungle, and of course, sunbathe on the pristine beaches.

    The accommodation consists of fancy beachside surf shack either in 8 bed community villa or 2 bed private chalet. Traditional style, newly built, thatched roofed houses in a stunning garden in front of the famous Tuason surf break with a laid back, unique and young atmosphere.

    Not at all. There are always people who come alone, so you can be sure that you’ll make new friends!

    It really depends on spending habits it’s possible to survive from 150 USD. We recommend a budget range of 350-700 USD. For reference, a meal is between 3-15 USD, motorcycle rental 8-10 USD, coconut 0,5 USD. Also, you should calculate how many souvenirs you would like to buy.

    The local currency Philippine peso PHP is. You can only change money in banks and at the airport and some small shops with your passport. It’s recommended to change some money at Cebu or Manila airport. You can only pay by card at our surf house, there are a few ATMs but withdraws have large extra charges so we recommend using cash.

    Most nationalities don’t require a visa to the The Philippines. If you do we will help with it!

    Breakfast is included in the price. Besides your preferred styled of egg you can try local specialities like pig skewers with fried rice. Siargao has a surprisingly large number of great restaurants, cafés, and bars. Chia seed, banana, blueberry, acai smoothie bowl paired with coconut milk latte is widespread. There is always an option to choose less trendy, but nonetheless delicious, local dishes.

    Tap water in Philippines is OK for washing and brushing teeth, but it is not recommended for drinking. Bottled mineral water is cheap (0,5 USD) and available everywhere. Alternatively, there will be a purified water fountain at our surf hostel, where you can fill up your bottles and help keep plastic out of the ocean.

    Please ask your local health authority. Usually, there are no mandatory vaccinations.

    There is an OK level of hygiene, no stomach infection has occurred in the last years as the foods are healthy and clean.

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    The natural and cultural scenery of a destination are just as important to us as quality and uncrowded waves. Even when scoring two sessions a day, we still have enough time to explore the surrounding area.

    And we are not afraid to #gobeyond when it comes to having a rad time - even if it means taking that third transfer with a propeller plane or paddling in chilly water.

    Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, feel free to join one of our surf camps.

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