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Do you know what it's like to wake up knowing that your home is with you anywhere in the world? Grand Hotel California offers you the true freedom of vanlife wanderlust without sacrificing the comforts of home. Our luxury Volkswagen motorhome is the perfect companion for exploring the world on four wheels. The fully equipped motorhome gives you the comfort of a hotel room without having to worry about reservations or unpacking and packing your luggage again. A comfortable sleeping area and bathroom, a modern kitchen, a living room, a study, a boundless garden, and an eternal, ever-changing panorama... Nomadic luxury, the endless horizon, and you! The Grand Hotel California is your passport to adventure and your ticket to the freedom of vanlife.


Volkswagen Grand California 680


4 persons for travel, 2+1 persons for sleeping

Pick up point

Budapest, I. district

Term of rent

Minimum of 4 days

Main features

Spacious interior, stationary heating and cooling, separate washroom, driver assistance systems, automatic gearbox, full double bed, built-in kitchen with fridge and freezer


€ 150 / day, plus € 150 cleaning fee


Grand Hotel California

Our one-year-old Volkswagen Grand California 680 is the brand’s best-equipped motorhome. With swivelling seats, a removable table, a built-in kitchen with fridge and freezer, a modern cooling/heating system for several days at a time, even in winter, a separate bathroom with sink, hot water shower and toilet, an outdoor shower, a large canopy, a garden furniture set, lots of cupboards and a 170×200 cm double bed, you can feel at home during your trip. And thanks to the 16 windows with blackout options and mosquito nets, you can feel like you’re in the lap of nature under the starry sky while you warm up to 24 degrees, sleep in bed, read by the bedside lamp and charge your cell phone at night.

Thanks to its versatility, Grand Hotel California can be flexibly adapted to all your travel needs. Whether it’s a romantic weekend for two at the beach or a big family holiday in the mountains, the spacious interiors and practical storage spaces make packing a breeze.

With the modern touchscreen panel, you control and monitor all the rooms and systems in your living space with just one touch. Careful design, practical details, personalized experience: this is the Grand Hotel California!

During our test drives, we equipped the car with all the accessories that we considered necessary, in addition to the basic equipment. The minimum rental period is 4 days and includes full kitchen equipment, bedding, gas cooker, yoga mat, outdoor lighting, portable speakers, hammock, and Nespresso coffee machine in addition to the factory accessories.

Experience the freedom of luxury on four wheels! Hop into the Volkswagen Grand Hotel California, explore the world, and embark on an unforgettable journey! If you have no idea where to go, or if you want to refine your itinerary, GoBeyond’s team of experts will help you create the perfect itinerary. We’ve personally tested a wide range of campsites, waterfalls, lakes, beaches, surf spots, hiking trails, farmers’ markets, and speciality restaurants throughout Europe.


Grand Hotel California - The Freedom Cruiser
Minimum of 4 days
€ 150
/ day
€ 1 000

Included in the price

  • The Grand Hotel California with a full tank
  • Clean bed linen
  • Insurance and full casco insurance
  • Maintenance and cleaning fee
  • Roadside assistance for all of Europe

What you will find in the car

  • Kitchen equipment
  • Coffee machine with coffee pods
  • Camping chairs and table
  • Yoga mat
  • Hammock
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Marshall bluetooth speaker


  • Power sockets (12V, 230V – when stationary, when connected to mains), USB plugs
  • Air conditioning and ventilation system
  • Heating and hot water controlled from a central control panel
  • Sink, kitchen counter, gas cooker, fridge and freezer
  • Freshwater tank with filter
  • Mosquito nets and blinds
  • Outdoor and indoor showers, toilets
  • External bicycle rack for 2 bicycles
  • Adjustable mood lighting
  • WiFi router (without SIM card)
  • Solar panel

More than a camper

Absolute convenience, an interior designed for maximum comfort, and modern technology built on the reliable Crafter platform. So you can be sure you’ll feel right at home, whether you’re planning a weekend with friends, a beach holiday, or a honeymoon roadtrip. The Grand Hotel California 680 is available for rent in Hungary only through GoBeyond.

Spacious interior

Almost 7 metres long, with a bright, airy floor plan, lots of windows, and endless storage space. The comforts of home in a motorhome that comfortably accommodates two adults and two small children, yet can easily travel 800 km between nights. And since it doesn’t qualify as a motorhome, you can park it in the main square of an Italian town, within easy reach of freshly baked pastries and coffee in the morning.

Driving and safety

Diesel engine (177LE) 8-speed automatic transmission, Airbags, ISOFIX, Front and Rear Park Assist, satellite system, GPS, sound system, ABS, EBA, ESP, Cruise Control, Traffic Detection, Lane Departure Warning, Crosswind Assist


The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, a shower, and a sink, so you’ll find everything you need to freshen up on the go or start your day in the morning. In the summer, if you want to shower after a day at the beach or after a hike, the outdoor shower with hot water, accessible from the back of the vehicle, is the best option. Don’t worry about the humidity, the ventilation system allows the steam to escape immediately, and if you want to shower at night, the motion-controlled lighting will turn on as soon as you enter the car.

Tech gadgets

Camp like never before! Everything in the camper can be controlled and monitored via a central touch screen: Lights, water, and even the charge level of the secondary battery. The perfect temperature is ensured by the dual-fuel heating system, which is fed directly from the fuel tank. For maximum comfort, the roof is equipped with a stationary cooling system (which works when connected to the mains) and a solar panel system for automatic charging.



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4 days' rent paid in advance


Once you have paid the remaining rental fee, you can pick up the car and go exploring!

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    If you rent for more than a month, the rental covers 3500 km. For less than that, 300 km per day is included in the rental. If you drive more than that, you can buy extra kilometers for € 0.25.

    The vehicle must not be used in an area where there is an incident, disturbance, natural disaster, war situation, etc., which could endanger the safety of the vehicle.

    Before you carry out any repairs or maintenance on your vehicle, please contact us! Unauthorised repairs will be considered a breach of contract and the full amount of the deposit will be deducted. You are fully liable for any damage resulting from improper repairs.

    Contact us and we will make arrangements to get help to you as soon as possible.

    Yes, the van has its own router, but you will need to bring your own sim card with you, which has data services that are valid in the countries you are visiting. If you already have a router, you can bring that too - the van has a socket for it.

    The campervan can seat up to 4 people. There is a 170 x 200 double bed in the back and a cot under the bed. Ideal for two adults and a small child!

    Of course, you can, but you should check with us first so that you don't bring two of everything.

    Of course! The campervan has a dual-fuel heating system that runs directly from the fuel tank. When connected to the mains, the roof-mounted air conditioning ensures the perfect temperature in the van on even the hottest days. Below 0 degrees, the vehicle must be dehumidified, so the wet functions cannot be used.

    Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the Grand Hotel California.


    Although we are passionate skiers, surfers and motorriders, we had to realize that there are other outdoor adventures that cannot be missed.

    Just think about dog sledding in the Arctic under the Northern Lights or driving around in motorhomes from hot spring to hot spring in Iceland or Japan.

    We are constantly on the lookout for great outdoor adventures, but if you don’t find here what you are looking for, we are happy to organize whatever comes to your mind.

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