Lapland Adventure Camp

22-26 JAN 2025 5-9 FEB 2025 19-23 FEB 2025


Get a taste of the real Arctic winter in the untouched wilderness of Lapland. Explore snow-covered pine forests in a husky sled, grill fish from a frozen lake over an open fire on one of the thousands of islands that rise from the ice, and watch the Northern Lights play overhead from a heated hot tub in the evening.


5 days / 4 nights

Outdoor package

Snowmobiling, husky safari, ice fishing, snowshoeing and skiing, reindeer farm, outdoor cooking

Meeting point

Ivalo Airport (IVL - Finland)


Hundreds of kilometres beyond the Arctic Circle, on the frozen ice of Lake Inari and in the surrounding forests


4 nights in authentic 2-4 person cabins right on the shore of Lake Inari, with a sauna and heated hot tub as standard


€ 2 490


Finnish Lapland is one of the last unspoilt wilderness areas in Europe; much of it has been uninhabited since time immemorial, and reindeer are more likely to be seen than people.

Hundreds of kilometres above the Arctic Circle, our base is located in a secluded corner of the region away from all the noise and light pollution, enjoying one of the world’s most fabulous winter landscapes: a seemingly endless realm of snow and ice during the day and the Northern Lights dancing across the vast sky during the long, dark nights.

As we step out of the heated cabins in the morning, the fresh snow crunches under our feet, and a few steps away, we find ourselves on the frozen Lake Inari. Lapland’s largest lake is home to more than 3,000 islands, and in winter it’s covered in ice so thick that local transport runs on the surface, with marked roads and signs showing where to go.

But the lake will not only be used for transport; it will also be our endless playground during the camp, with its islands rising out of the ice and the snow-covered pine forests around it just waiting to be conquered by snowmobiles, snowshoes, skis, and huskies.


After our daytime adventures, we retire to our lodges in the evenings, where we can enjoy the starry Lapland sky and the Northern Lights, warm up in the sauna or heated outdoor hot tub, and of course enjoy the local cuisine, whether it’s traditional Finnish fish soup or reindeer steak.

Laplanders have a very close relationship with nature, like our host Pete, who was born in Lapland and could guide us around the area with his eyes closed. Pete is our guarantee of a truly authentic and flawless polar experience, whether it be hiking, ice fishing, local legends or cooking together in the great outdoors.

Arctic cirtle


Lapland - Polar Adventure
22-26 JAN 2025 5-9 FEB 2025 19-23 FEB 2025
€ 2 490


  • 4 nights of accommodation in 2-4-person cabins right on the shore of Lake Inari; three meals a day
  • Airport and local transfers
  • All equipment and facilities for daily activities and experiences (snowshoeing and skiing, snowmobile excursions, husky safari, ice fishing, reindeer farm, outdoor fire building and cooking)
  • Clothing and snowshoe hire suitable for outdoor activities at -30 °C
  • Experienced and qualified local guide with in-depth local knowledge
  • Sauna and heated hot tub
  • GoBeyond tour guide


  • International flights to the meeting point and back (IVL – Ivalo Airport)
  • Travel insurance valid in Finland for the entire duration of the trip
  • Drinks and individual expenses


In 2-4 person cabins right on the shores of frozen Lake Inari, away from civilisation, where our host Pete keeps the chalets, the pool and the sauna warm.


Pete is a true Laplander who holds a deep love and knowledge of the Arctic way of life. In addition to giving us a place to reside, he also takes care of the daily activities, and food, and keeps the sauna warm for us from morning to night while we are there with him.


February brings dreamy conditions to Lapland: crystal-clear air, deep snow cover and typically clear skies, with the Northern Lights appearing every other day on average. Everyday highs and lows are typically between -7°C and -25°C, with an average temperature of -14°C. The average snow depth is 30-35 cm.


“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing,” they say in the north, and with good reason. So that you don’t have to bring an extra suitcase full of clothes and to ensure that you are dressed for the outdoors, we provide all team members with overalls, ski gloves, and snowshoes suitable for -30 °C. However, base layers are essential, either synthetic or wool, but cotton is avoided in this climate. Depending on how cold it is, one layer of underwear may be enough, but in colder weather, you may want to add a middle layer, either synthetic (such as a polar sweater) or wool, and an extra down jacket may be useful. A thinner polar glove is also a good idea under your ski gloves, and you should also have ski socks, which are not cotton.


At this camp, instead of admiring the Arctic Circle winter wonderland from your hotel room window, you’ll slip into your overalls and snowsuit and get a taste of life in the great outdoors. We use snowmobiles, snowshoes, skis and husky sleds to traverse snow-covered pine forests and frozen lake ice. At the reindeer farm, a local Sami introduces us to the life of the deer and we try our hand at fly fishing, cooking our catch over an open fire. In the evening, we relax from the day’s adventures in the sauna and heated hot tub, admiring the Northern Lights.


You need insurance that is valid in Finland. Contact us and we’ll help you find the best option for you.


Lapland’s wilderness is so pure and untouched that you can drink not only from the streams, but also from the still waters. Animals cannot consume anything harmful to their health in this environment, so the exceptional quality of local ingredients is guaranteed. Three meals a day are part of the package, and our host Pete will make sure we get a good taste of the local cuisine on the way: fish and moose soups, reindeer steaks, moose burgers and really filling breakfasts are waiting for us, so we’ll be sure to have energy for the day’s activities. In addition to incredibly pure water, we’ll be enjoying teas and syrups made from forest fruits. At the airport you will have the opportunity to buy whatever else you want.


This is a very small group tour with a maximum of 6 people who will be accompanied by a GoBeyond guide. This small number ensures that we can tailor the programme to the needs of the group. Singles, friends, couples and families with older children are all welcome.


We take high-quality photos of our trips, which we give you after you get home, so you’ll always remember these wonderful moments.


During your days at Lake Inari, you won’t have much opportunity to spend. On arrival and departure, you’ll be able to buy drinks at Scandinavian shop prices near the airport, and there’s also a gift shop – so if you want to return home with a fridge magnet carved from antlers or a reindeer fur, you’ll need to plan for that too.



We arrive at the Arctic Circle, the land of half a metre of snow and the Aurora Borealis. Our transfer across the ice of Lake Inari will take us to our remote base where, if we're lucky, we'll be able to enjoy the Northern Lights far away from distractions. During our first local dinner we acclimatise and get to know our hosts and each other.


After breakfast we venture out of the heated cabins and learn how the locals catch fish in winter. Pete will show us all the tricks of the trade and we'll cook our catch over an open fire on one of the many islands that emerge from the lake's ice. In the afternoon we go snowshoeing through the snowy landscape, and after the trip we warm up in the sauna and hot tub and, of course, watch the sky.


On this day we will also get to know the local animals. In the morning, we'll trust ourselves to Siberian huskies and explore the area with the dog sleds they pull. After lunch, we will visit a nearby reindeer farm where we will be told by a Sami farmer about the life of these gentle animals, fed lichen and try out what it's like to ride on a sled pulled by reindeer. Back at our base, of course, there's no shortage of evening activities: cooking, a hot tub and sauna sessions and enjoying the stars and the Northern Lights.


The previous days we had already been introduced to the locals' main means of transport, the snowmobile, and today we will finally take them out on the road - depending on the mood of the team and the weather, we will be gliding over the ice of the lake, across the open terrain or through the forests between the trees. In the afternoon, we'll try the locals' national sport of cross-country skiing, where hundreds of kilometres of trails are carved out of the snow. Our farewell evening follows the usual Arctic routine: warming up in saunas and hot tubs, dining on exciting local dishes and gazing at the sky.


After a hearty breakfast, we will visit Ivalo in the morning, where we will have the opportunity to buy essential souvenirs, and then say goodbye to the Arctic winter landscape, returning home with lasting memories and new friendships.

The program is subject to change at any times. The final itinerary depends on current weather conditions and the group’s skills and stamina.



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    Lapland Adventure Camp


    Not at all. There are always people who come alone, so you can be sure that you’ll make new friends!

    We can expect Arctic winter weather with maximum temperatures around -5 degrees Celsius and minimum temperatures around -25 degrees Celsius. For the outdoor activities we will provide the necessary overalls, ski gloves and snowshoes, but of course you will need underwear. Cotton clothing is not suitable, so come prepared with wool or synthetic clothing: ski socks, underwear and a mid layer, which can be supplemented with a down jacket. It's a good idea to take a thin pair of gloves, such as polar gloves, under your ski gloves.

    Although Pete is not Sami but Finnish, he is a Laplander by birth and knows the area like the back of his hand: a true nature lover who can see the weather, knows the local flora and fauna and is a fan of Arctic lifestyle and culture. He has all the answers and always has a plan B if the weather gets in the way. Along with Pete, the GoBeyond tour guide will be on site with the team.

    Away from the hustle and bustle, right on the shores of Lapland's largest lake, the frozen Inari, we will stay in small 2-4 person chalets where our host will not only keep the stoves warm, but a hot sauna and heated hot tub are also standard. In the shared areas, we'll have the chance to help Pete prepare traditional Lapland dishes, while the Northern Lights are just a footstep away.

    From the moment we leave Ivalo until the day we return home there is no opportunity to spend money. All meals are included in the package and there is no nearby shop, restaurant or bar. If you want something to drink other than the crystal clear local water, teas and berry syrups, you can buy it in Ivalo at shop prices on the first day, and on the last day, on the way to the airport, we will visit the Ivalo gift shop, depending on the mood of the group.

    The local currency is the euro and you can pay by card everywhere.

    EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Finland.

    During the camp, we will be treated with authentic Lapland homemade dishes, as our host Pete will prepare traditional meals for us using local ingredients. Finnish fish soup, moose soup and burgers, reindeer steak will be on our table, and cooking together will be part of the authentic experience.


    Although we are passionate skiers, surfers and motorriders, we had to realize that there are other outdoor adventures that cannot be missed.

    Just think about dog sledding in the Arctic under the Northern Lights or driving around in motorhomes from hot spring to hot spring in Iceland or Japan.

    We are constantly on the lookout for great outdoor adventures, but if you don’t find here what you are looking for, we are happy to organize whatever comes to your mind.

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