Relax in the laid-back fishing village of Taghazout on Morocco’s lovely west coast - a legendary spot for European surfers
Relax in the laid-back fishing village of Taghazout on Morocco’s lovely west coast - a legendary spot for European surfers

Morocco Surf Camp

OCT 2022


Always consistent waves, no matter your ability or skills, we’ll help you to find the right surfing spot. Berber culture and Moroccan cuisine also make this trip worthwhile.


8 days / 7 nights*


Easy - from total beginners to advanced surfers


Al Massira Airport, Agadir / Morocco (AGA)


Taghazout Morocco


Private oceanfront villa, super cozy rooms with 2-4 beds


From € 590

*The duration of the trip lasts from meeting at Al Massira Airport, Agadir / Morocco (AGA) until the flight home from the same airport.


What is the anatomy of a wave?

We’re firm believers that truly great travel is not just about ticking sights off a checklist, but about having unique experiences, and learning new skills that you can take back home with you. During our Moroccan adventure, you can learn extensively about two things: waves and Berber culture.

Let’s start with the waves. Morocco’s surfing mecca is Taghazout. Even if you’re a beginner, by the end of the week you’ll have the basics covered. The waves are consistent and no matter your ability, we’ll always find the right spot for you. Not only that, Morocco is the cheapest surf spot accessible direct from Europe. Plus, the surfing here is incredible! One of the highlights of the journey will be when the group surfs together under the warm glow of the setting Moroccan sun.

Wind keeps packs of tourists at bay

We’ll stay in a traditional Moroccan riad – a 2-storey house with multiple terraces facing the ocean. Each night, we’ll meet on the rooftop terrace, where we’ll have a chance to relax and enjoy a few drinks in a homely environment. From here we’ll have a view of Taghazout bay, including Africa’s most famous surf spot – Anchor Point.

We’ll visit traditional Berber markets where we might select from traditional Berber woven crafts or sample brightly colourful Moroccan spices. The sights of Morocco are only rivalled by its sounds – none more iconic than the muezzin’s call to prayer that blasts across the city five times a day. If you choose to come with us deep into the desert, we’ll discover vivid canyons and a desert oasis – where you can jump into water from 25 metres high.

Wave typology



The waves break gently on the seafloor, making it easy to surf for all abilities. The longer the period between each wave, the larger the swell, creating a higher wave for surfing.



The waves break on a steep reef or good quality sand/stone bank. For the more advanced surfer, mastering barrel riding inside a breaking wave is the ultimate surfing maneuver.



A heavy reef appears from the deep water, breaking in the shallows. This is the hardest wave to surf, and should be avoided at all cost by anyone except for "kamikazes" or pros

In a nutshell, the longer and stronger the wind blows in the right direction, the bigger the swell will be. As the swell covers a bigger distance from the epicenter of the storm till the beach, the time interval between each wave grows. This means better surfing conditions, although keep in mind that the best wave for you will depend on your skill level. Different wave heights and wave types will suit individual surfers differently.


OCT 2022

The duration of the trip lasts from meeting at Al Massira Airport, Agadir / Morocco (AGA) until the flight home from the same airport. The flight there and back might take an extra day, depending on where you are travelling from.

4 bed
€ 590
€ 690
2 bed rooms

Included in the price

  • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast
  • Daily surf lessons and surf guiding
  • Surfboard and wetsuit rental
  • All transportation and organized activities
  • Airport transfer from and to Agadir
  • GoBeyond tour guide

Optional extras

  • Private 2 bed room for 100 EUR.
  • Upon request, the GoBeyond team can handle & book visa, plane tickets, and insurance for 50 EUR.

Further expenses

  • Plane tickets to and from the meeting point – Al Massira Airport, Agadir / Morocco (AGA)
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Lunches & dinners


Moroccan style oceanfront private villa, super cozy rooms with 2-4 beds. Big community area and several rooftop terraces with an ocean view.

Surf package

Daily surf lessons with professional English speaking instructors in groups based on surfing skills (from total beginners to advanced). During the surf lessons you will learn the proper stance, how to paddle, turn, pop up and keep your speed, as well as surf etiquette, safety and how to read the beach (waves, rips and currents.) A wide variety of surfboards to choose from which you can use also for free surfing.


With more than 300 days of sunshine, Morocco is a year-round destination and you’re unlikely to encounter rain.  Winter months have cooler but very pleasant temperatures (air 18 – 26 °C; water 16 – 20 °C) and the biggest waves.


Maximum of 24 people usually mixed nationalities. Solo travelers, group of friends and couples with varying surfing skills and experience.

Photo & Video

All the photos and videos you see are from our previous camps. We produce high-quality content of all our camps, which you will receive after returning home to remember all the amazing memories.

Personal expenses

Depending on spending habits your budget for the trip should range from 150-300 EUR. For reference, a meal is between 2-10 EUR. Also keep in mind we will visit several souks, souvenirs and moroccon carpets should be calculated as extra costs.


Breakfasts are traditional Moroccan pancakes, served with jam and butter, accompanied by freshly baked French baguettes, egg, coffee and tea. Packed lunches include sandwiches or salads, soda, biscuits and fruit.

There are plenty of restaurants in town serving inexpensive and delicious Moroccan and international food (including some great couscous and tagines). We will also have organized group dinners, with traditional local food.

Surf conditions

A perfect mix of friendly beach breaks and world class point breaks. Due to the varied nature of the coastline there is almost always somewhere sheltered and manageable, but those looking for a challenge won’t be disappointed either.

Local transportation

Comfortable minivans with AC for transfers from airport, cars or minivans for daily surf sessions and to all sights hiking trips and recreational activities.

Activities & sights

Besides surfing more than a dozen spots during the week, we will hike in Paradise Valley, and enjoy the natural swimming pools, shop in the souks, practice yoga, optionally go for a camel ride or experience a hammam and last but not least chill or party on of rooftop terrace in a vivid orange sunset.

Travel insurance

You will need an insurance that covers surfing accidents. You can contact us and we are happy to recommend the most suitable one.


DAY 1 - Arrival

Short transfer to the accommodation with our minivans, welcome get-together on our rooftop terrace.

DAY 2-7 - Surf, sleep, surf, repeat

At sunrise the most motivated surfers can have a freesurf session. After a healthy breakfast the whole group will head out to another legendary local surf spot. Our surf guides and instructors will drive us to the best beach for the day’s conditions so we always have prime waves to catch.

For lunch we will have a picnic on the beach (and maybe a nap in the shade) paddle back out for some more surf. Then as the sun gets lower in the sky we head back to our surf villa. Those left with extra energy will be guided to the best spot for a sunset freesurf session. The rest of the group can relax, have a massage or optional sunset yoga. For dinner we will explore one of the many excellent restaurants of the area.

DAY 8 - Last day in surfing paradise

Catch one last surf session either in the sunrise or after breakfast. Head back to the beach enjoy a Moroccan tea as you think back to the amazing adventures of the week. After packing up we will transfer you to the airport so you can catch your flight home.

Day Trips

Besides discovering the area of Taghazout, based on surf conditions we will have surfaris to more remote surf spots or day trips to the Agadir Souk and the natural freshwater pools of Paradise Valley.

On the day with the best forecast we will take a beautiful coastal drive to the longest wave of Morocco in the magic bay of Imsouane. This isolated surf hub is a village surrounded by a wild mountainous coastline and is home to two waves. The point break called The Bay can produce a glassy righthander 600 meter long ride. Besides the magical surf for lunch we will enjoy fresh grilled fish, right on the pier overlooking the bay.

On our rest day or if the waves are smaller we will visit the Souk in Agadir, where besides delicious fruits, hand made almond oil and spices you can buy all kinds of traditional Moroccan souvenirs and beautiful world famous carpets.

We will discover a different side of Morocco as we leave the ocean behind and head inland, with a 45 minute drive through the Atlas Mountains to reach Paradise Valley. This spot is famous for its natural beauty with an abundance of palm trees, natural water pools and water slides.

The program is subject to change at any times. The final itinerary depends on current weather conditions, swell, tidal movements, the group’s surfing skills and stamina.



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Secure your spot with a 40% deposit & travel contract


Plane tickets & Visa arrangement if needed
Typically 1-2 months before departure


Second Instalment
30 days before departure


GoBeyond Adventure starts
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    Surf trips
    Morocco Surf Camp


    Not at all. There are always people who come alone, so you can be sure that you’ll make new friends.

    Obviously yes, at least half of the group always consists of beginners. We have found perfect conditions for beginners each year, and with the help of the professional instructors, you will be able to learn the basics very effectively.

    The Moroccan coastline that we are going to is home to world-class breaks, which are regularly visited by professional surfers from all around the world. There will be no shortage of decent size waves and advanced spots. Waves such as Boilers, Anchor Point or Imsouane can even produce the rides of your life.

    We’re pretty sure that you’ll love surfing. In the same time Taghazout village has a very chill vibe and enjoying the Moroccan sun on a sandy beach or on our surf villas terrace is very relaxing. On the other hand most of the group will surf only half of the day, meaning we'll stay on the beach together.

    Moroccan style oceanfront private villa, super cozy rooms with 2-4 beds. Big community area and several rooftop terraces with an ocean view.

    There are several locations offering delicious local cuisine with tagine and grilled seafood, in addition there is a wide range of small cafes offering Western food in the city, usually run by French expats.

    Tap water in Taghazout is OK for washing and brushing teeth, but it is not recommended for drinking. Bottled mineral water is cheap (5 dirhams) and available everywhere. Alternatively you can bring a water purifier and help keep plastic out of the ocean.

    There are only a few places selling alcoholic beverages and at quite high prices. We recommend coming prepared for the trip and buying drinks at the duty-free shop from the airport of your departure destination.

    During the daytime it’s sunny and 20-28 °C, during the night it’s 17-23 °C. The water is 18-20 °C. Board short, 3.2 mm wetsuit (it’s included in the package if you don’t have your own) is needed. Bring both hiking shoes and slippers with you.

    A BTS tour guide and professional local instructors with many years of experience.

    Depending on spending habits your budget for the trip should range from 150-300 EUR. For reference, a meal is between 2-10 EUR. Also keep in mind we will visit several souks, souvenirs and moroccon carpets should be calculated as extra costs.

    The local currency is the Moroccon Dirham, MAD. You should bring EUR or USD with you and you should change at the airport, later on there is a possibility to change in banks with your passport. There are only a few ATMS and transaction fees are pretty high and in most places you can’t pay by card, so we recommend using cash.

    You should choose an insurance which expands to surfing and is valid in Morocco. You should be aware that your bank card insurance is not valid in most cases.

    We are travelling to Morocco, so you need to know that diarrhea and stomach infections happen somtimes. Tap water is not drinkable! It’s always a good idea to keep a bottle of clean water and hand sanitizer in your bag.

    It depends on your nationality. From most of the countries you will only need to fill out an immigration form on arrival for free. Please always check it on your local embassy’s website.

    Agadir and Marrakech are very popular international tourist destinations, where tourists feel safe. Our surf destination is an indigenous Berber Village which lives on the services offered for the surfers of the Western countries for more than a dozen years, no major incidents have occurred.

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    The natural and cultural scenery of a destination are just as important to us as quality and uncrowded waves. Even when scoring two sessions a day, we still have enough time to explore the surrounding area.

    And we are not afraid to #gobeyond when it comes to having a rad time - even if it means taking that third transfer with a propeller plane or paddling in chilly water.

    Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, feel free to join one of our surf camps.

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