GoBeyond | Surf Camp | Azores
GoBeyond | Surf Camp | Azores

Azores, the Islands of Endless Adventures

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I’m not sure about you, but I’ve always had the Azores on my bucketlist... a couple of smaller islands in the middle of the Atlantic, pretty far from everything with its unique microclimate and wildlife, promised to be a very exciting destination.
GoBeyond | Surf Camp | Azores
GoBeyond | Surf Camp | Azores
GoBeyond | Surf Camp | Azores

So when GoBeyond asked me to guide a tour there last fall, a dream came true … and I wasn’t disappointed.
Alexa Kozák’s (Szancsi) Travelogue.

What first impressed me was the climate and the temperature of the ocean. The Azores are known to be extremely humid due to their microclimate, in fact a person gets wet five times a day and then sweats but never gets cold. Thanks to this humid, pleasantly warm climate, the vegetation is amazingly green and lush, something I haven’t seen anywhere else.

GoBeyond | Surf trips | Azores

The atmosphere is quite magical with so much green nature, and black volcanic sandy beaches, and the shores of our surf school in Santa Barbara are especially beautiful. I will never forget our first surfing session there when the steel-gray sky converged with the steel-gray ocean while the lukewarm rain was pouring and I just sat on the board and grinned like someone who just hit the jackpot.

Although surfing in the Azores is not the easiest, the most professional surf instructor on the island and its fantastic team does everything to make some great memories about standing on a surfboard from complete beginners to advanced. In addition, the abundance of sights, amazing natural thermal baths, endless waterfalls, volcanic lakes and serpentine mountain peaks blow your mind away everyday. When we are not immersed in nature, we gain new knowledge in a pineapple plantation or tea fields.

GoBeyond | Surf Camp | Azores

One of GoBeyond’s trademarks, the culinary delights are not to be missed either, because if we are not out tasting the local ingredients at one of the island’s excellent restaurants, we love to go shopping for groceries and have a multi-course barbecue at home where our motto is Let’s Dance! / but at least play some campfire-like tunes! /

We will enjoy gourmet dinners at the best venues of São Miguel.

I recommend this tour to those who are real lovers of active recreation, because we don’t stop for 1 week – we hike, discover, surf and of course eat divine delicacies at the end of the day.

Anyone who comes with me on this adventurous journey can be sure of one thing – to go home with so many experiences that it will take months to digest! Let’s just get on the road already …

Alexa (Szancsi)

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