Our best surf trip in Panama

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In terms of surfing and natural environment, our trip to Panama has exceeded all our expectations. It took 20 years of surfing and many surf trips to have such a perfect interplay of lucky coincidences like it happened during this Panama trip - a real surfer’s dream come true.
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During the week we had at least two sessions a day, sometimes even three, on different spots, most of the time having the spots all for ourselves. That means being able to ride predictable waves of perfect size and quality for our skills, and there were times with no one in the 29-degree tropical water besides us.

When we did get company anyway, it arrived in the form of a nice local or expat, and we shared the drawn A-frame waves as friends. We added some rides on the beach in front of our fully self-contained mini resort, nestled in the lush jungle at dawn or sunset.

Instead of writing more about it, I think the pictures speak for themselves. The date for the next camp is already under planning, we are trying to set a date around 15 March each year for this trip.




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Check our Panama surf trip

Whatever your idea of the ideal holiday is – exploring the capital’s diverse highlights, relaxing on a white sandy beach, catching some waves, or glimpsing tropical birds in a jungle – you’ll find it in spades in our tour of Panama.

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