Our first motorcycle tour in Tanzania

We were all longing for an adventure and been looking for a destination where we could leave the European winter behind and travel to summer. That’s how our decision fell upon traveling to Tanzania, East Africa’s biggest country, that has a thousand more faces than just the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar.

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„The community experience is a defining part of our trips”

Hidden surfer bay in the Azores, dinner in a volcanic crater or a night spent in the San Blas Islands, among Kuna Indians.  Réka Vikárius, the editor of HYPEANDHYPER, talked to the founders Fanni Pataricza and János Benjámin Vértes. Interview!

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“We don’t like simple trips”

We started organizing trips in 2011, but not as a main occupation at the time. We organized three trips a year (one surf, one ski and one summer tour). When Jano Vertes talks to Hedi Sebestyen (drivemagazine.eu), he has just returned home to Vienna from a home office surf camp in Portugal. Interview!

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The Second Wave

We rented an 8-bedroom house with a fireplace half an hour north of Lisbon in Ericeira, Europe’s only “surf reserve”. ”. This term was not invented by us, the shoreline in front of the house was classified as a World Surf Reserve due to the 8 world-famous waves breaking here.

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Motorbike ride through the Himalayas

There are places in the world that are best explored on a motorbike ... So is the most dangerous road in the world? Yes!

In the summer of 2009, I first visited Ladakh, India’s northernmost province, which is also called Little Tibet by many because of its vast mountains and undisturbed Buddhist culture.

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With a travel agency and a newborn during quarantine

Our personal report on the first quarantine months and our future plans.

2020 started exciting and encouraging. The most important novelty was that our little son, Jonas, was born at the end of January. Healthy, beautiful and smart the way every lucky parent sees their own child.

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Christmas on the Andaman Island

11 years ago, between graduating from university and two jobs, I had the opportunity to travel freely in Asia for a while without any time limit. Eventually, for almost a year, we gathered experiences in 10 different countries and looked for places we would find it harder to get to with less free time.

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