The motorcycle ride of your life through majestic peaks of the Himalayas on the world's highest motorable road.

We design travel experiences for explorers

GoBeyond is a tailored travel company organizing surf trips, winter camps, motorcycle touring and action-packed company trips. We believe that creating the perfect journey can only be achieved by concentrating on details based on first-hand experiences.

Our aim is to give you the best travel experiences of your life.

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Surf trips

The natural and cultural scenery of a destination are just as important to us as quality and uncrowded waves. Even when scoring two sessions a day, we still have enough time to explore the surrounding area.

And we are not afraid to #gobeyond when it comes to having a rad time – even if it means taking that third transfer with a propeller plane or paddling in chilly water.

Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, feel free to join one of our surf camps.

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Snow trips

It is safe to say that GoBeyond was created because the founder is a fanatic freerider, and he had not found any organized ski trips that lived up to his expectations – to score untracked powder on a great terrain, regardless of how far we have to travel to find it.

Although we like infrastructure, we are not afraid to climb for a good ride off-piste.

When we go on a ski trip, we like to indulge in the culinary and wellness options of the given country.

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Motorcycle tours

The best way to explore some of the most spectacular landscapes and remote regions on Earth is on a motorcycle.

Just think about it: crossing the Himalayan range with its 5000 m high passes would be simply impossible on foot, extremely hard to ride by bicycle, and plain boring driving in a car.

If you ride with us, you will have a comfortable and safe journey, thanks to our backup vehicles and the service background.

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Trips with kids

The company is growing up with us and it always reflects our lives and ambitions. Lots of our customers have had kids in the last years (us included), and we believe that you do not have to give up on exciting adventures just because you became parents.

On the contrary, children need adventure and fun just as much as we do – and to be honest we need it more than ever!

In GoBeyond Kids camps both adults and kids can learn and share the same new skills along the way.

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Adventure tours

Although we are passionate skiers, surfers and motorriders, we had to realize that there are other outdoor adventures that cannot be missed.

Just think about dog sledding in the Arctic under the Northern Lights or driving around in motorhomes from hot spring to hot spring in Iceland or Japan.

We are constantly on the lookout for great outdoor adventures, but if you don’t find here what you are looking for, we are happy to organize whatever comes to your mind.

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Very well organized holiday. The lodge in Sri Lanka, Kabalana was also perfect where we stayed. Our tourguide Gaspar was very friendly and flexible to our needs. The surf instructors were also friendly and professional. I will for sure take part in one of the other adventures of GoBeyond in the near future as it was really beyond the standard.


Went to the best beaches in Sri Lanka, searching for the waves, for the good vibes and hidden places and parties in the cities and within the jungle. If you are up for a journey that goes beyond the standard and would like to get out the most of your holiday, these are your guys. Just go for it!


The tour guide literally knows every rock and bush and got us to places that usual tourist won't see. Iceland and the scene is breathtaking. I would recommend it to anyone, who loves nature.


I just returned from the Niceland campervan trip. I am so lucky to be the part of the first group, who visited Iceland with you guys, it felt a bit like scouting, what made the whole trip even more exciting for me. And I would return any time of course. Thank you, for the amazing, lifelong memories!


The guides are heavily involved and make sure everyone has fun while they enjoy themselves.
They make today better than yesterday.


Creme de la creme - right people in the right place!


Such a wonderful journey I had with these guys in Mongolia.
Everything was just perfect and beyond the standard.


Detailed organisation and preparation, amazing team spirit, great conditions.
Just enjoy the ride, GoBeyond has it all. Thanks, my friends!


I felt like a local every time I went on holiday with GoBeyond. They took us to best surf spots, hiking tracks and local bars each place had to offer. Nice crew, spot on planning. If I were you, we would not hesitate to book the trip asap! Keep up the good work guys!


Each trip I've been on with GoBeyond had the perfect ratio of sports, fun and discovering new cultures and places, not to mention the cool people I had the chance to meet. All the camps offer a wide diversity of activities for all ages, genders and level of skills. Definitely recommend it!


Had the chance to travel with GoBeyond to Morocco for surfing, one of the bestestest trips of my life :) My only problem is they have so many cool trips offered I don't know how to prioritize and where to go with them next :) Highly recommended!


Okay, I really hate to recommend GoBeyond and their amazing team. I hate to because too many people will discover this gem and lock me out :) I went skiing to Verbier for one of the best trips of my life. I just can't explain in words how perfect the trip was. And I have been to every ski camp since then.
A truly awesome experience for all of you die-hard skiers and riders. GoBeyond rocks!!!


I went on a surf trip with the guys, had a really really good time, awesome spots, good programs, great vibes, really organised yet flexible. Definitely going again.


I usually don't use travel agencies, I prefer to organize my holidays for myself. But GoBeyond is different, with them I get an experience that's truly beyond the standard and all the fun is multiplied by sharing it with like-minded adventurous souls. Definitely the freeride ski trips of my life, highly recommended!

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